#Win a Year’s Supply of Beneful Dog Food & Treats

Has your dog lost interest in the dog food he used to love or dog food in general?

Our dog Spinna is generally a very happy dog and he loves to eat and ironically there have been times I wondered if he ever gets bored with the food he eats.

happy spinna3

With some foods he seem a bit more excited while with some it just well seems blah. Well, that happiness considerable increased when he received the biggest package of dog food and treats from the folks at Beneful for him to try!   As soon as the package of Beneful goodies arrived, we opened it to give them a try. The very first bowl I gave him of the Beneful Chicken Stew he sniffed it and gobbled it down without coming up for air. Usually he takes his time in eating it but this time he devoured it in no time.

 As far as the treats, he was even more excited !

beneful dog food

In a recent Beneful survey* which revealed that America’s dogs are experiencing dinner doldrums!  More than one-third (34 percent) of the U.S. dog owners surveyed say they have to entice their dogs to eat their food at least once a week and nearly one-in-five (19 percent) say they have to entice their dogs to eat their foodevery day.  Nearly half of the dog owners surveyed (46 percent) say their dogs get bored eating the same food every day and 89% agree that their dogs’ nutrition is as important to them as their own.

share the joy beneful

  You can check out the full line of Beneful products at www.beneful.com/Products.

To help bring more joy back to mealtime and end dinnertime disappointment, Beneful wants to Share the Joy of a nutritious, delicious meal with dog owners across the country and we’d like to invite you to be part of the fun!

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  1. Elena says:

    My dog gets bored when he eats the same food brand for a long time. He likes trying something new

  2. Tabitha P. says:

    we keep changing his food b/c gets tired of it quickly.
    i just wish he’d eat and be happy about it. lol

  3. Tori G says:

    Oh I want to win! My puppies would love this!

  4. A friend of ours used to work in a vet’s office and did a bunch of research after we got our puppy. She said Beneful was the best choice for him in the price range we were looking for. We’ve tried a couple of different dog foods since we got our puppy in January. Beneful is the one our puppy likes the most. And hands down their treats are his favorite, especially the stars.

  5. jase says:

    My husky is going through a phase right now we’re I can’t find food that he likes anymore he just seems to hate every type I get him.

  6. Melissa M says:

    I switch up our dog food every 3 months so they dont get bored.

  7. Patrycja Chudziak says:

    I change my dogs dry food every few months because she gets bored but I like to just rotate 2 different brands because too many changes will upset her belly

  8. joanne major says:

    my dog dislikes every food I buy. she seems to like the cats or kids food

  9. My older dog Fussy is the picky one in the family. She will like a dog food for varying lengths but she always ends up turning her nose up at it.

  10. Kari says:

    My dog is fine with her regular dog food and treats. She has only recently started to occasionally come around and “beg” when we are eating…makes me think my teens are sneaking her “people food”.

  11. Kim Henrichs says:

    My dog eats all kinds of Beneful, and loves it!!

  12. Vicki Wurgler says:

    I try to switch but he still gets bored with the dog food

  13. Brutus Duffy says:

    My little chiweenie, Emiline, does seem to pick at her dinner lately. She’s very healthy, but a little spoiled.

  14. My dog has been on the same food for several years now and while she doesn’t seem to mind it, it isn’t something she gets excited about for sure.

  15. Erika C. says:

    Our family’s dog gets bored with her food so we do make a point of changing it with a different flavor every 4 months, sometimes even 3 months.

  16. Shelli C. says:

    My pug loves food. Any food.

  17. Leigh Anne Borders says:

    My doggies like to eat certain pieces out of a bag and those pieces are seldom found in the bag!

  18. Cordelia says:

    Our older dog isn’t interested in eating pretty often..think he’d like to try something new.

  19. Lisa Canada says:

    My dog is a pig with fur so he doesn’t bore to easily. Interesting enough he did NOT like the “Fat dogs” food which was part of a high dollar good for doggie brand.

  20. My dog is just a puppy and he’s already bored with his food :/

  21. Jessica Menster says:

    I think my dog gets a little bored with his food from time to time, so we like to give him treats of a different flavor every now and then.

  22. Kait @ ChickadeeSays says:

    My pup would love these- she can’t get enough treats!

  23. Kelly E says:

    My dog is bored with what he eats now.

  24. laura ari says:

    My dog loves his food. He is a yorkie, and he generally has a sensitive tummy so we don’t change his food often!

  25. nina says:

    My dogs eat so fast I’m pretty sure they don’t even taste it.

  26. Darlene Sullins says:

    My dog gets pretty bored with her dog food and we catch her every now and then digging in our trash….

  27. Laura J says:

    Well, Murphy was an adult rescue dog I adopted, so we didnt have any previous information on him on what he likes. I have had a hard time finding one that he really likes. He for sure has the doldrums! I would love to try the beneful for him!

  28. Whitney Butler says:

    My dog will eat anything whenever she gets hungry!

  29. stacey b says:

    our dog will eat pretty much anything!!

  30. Natalie J Vandenberghe says:

    Our dog (a Black Lab) loves to eat and she especially enjoys Beneful!

  31. Laura J says:

    I pinned your FLUFFERNUTTER TREATS! Those look so yummy!

  32. Starla B says:

    My spoiled dog seems to always turn his nose up at his food. He will later eat it because he realizes thats all he is getting, lol!

  33. Susan Christy says:

    My dogs eat Beneful and they both love it.

  34. Laura J says:

    I Pinned Your Zebra Ice Cream Cake! Looks so yummy for summer!!!

  35. Candace says:

    My dogs love Beneful!

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