I Grow with my Family (and Miracle Gro)! #GrowSomethingGreater

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People who love gardening have lots of different reasons they do it.  Some people just have a love for plants and some people grow it for fresh food! Whatever the reason gardening can be a wonderful thing. I’ve always loved it because it was always an activity I did with my mom.

My grandmother and my mom always had plants growing around their house.  My grandmother always had tomatoes and Aloe Vera and my mom always had flowers and caladiums!  I can remember spring time with my mom and she would have me planting caladium bulbs for hours.  Gardening is definitely something I’ve grown into but I’ve always loved doing it!


I personally like to grow herbs and small vegetable plants. Since I live in an apartment it’s hard to grow big plants so I’ve become a small pot gardener. My balcony is lined with different herbs like cilantro, basil, dill and also some veggies like lettuce, squash, and peppers.   I also love succulents!  They are probably my new favorite plant plus they are so easy to keep alive! Now gardening is something that I’m teaching my fiancé to love! He gets just as excited as me when we have new veggies!


One of my number one tips to gardening in pots or planters is to not over water. I think this is very easy to do and I’ve definitely been guilty of it. Also, know how much sun light your plants need and move them inside if you need to! Living in Texas has taught me that plants can burn really easily and it’s hard to bring them back once they overheated!  When I garden I also use Miracle-Gro when watering my plants.  It might be all in my head but I think they grow bigger and more beautiful!  It really helps your plants get all the nutrients that they need!

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What are some of your gardening tips that could help new gardeners out there?

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