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 I have a confession. I have a pet peeve. It's called doing laundry. Well not really doing laundry itself, but actually doing the laundry and having clothes not come clean after their first wash.  With 2 boys, a husband who works getting his hands dirty, and myself, the dirty clothes and clean clothes are always rotating and never ending.   Add in dealing with tough laundry stains especially when they refuse to go away – it can be a real pain.

biz stain challengeSo recently I decided to take the Biz Challenge! Instead of using my usual stain fighter, I added Biz to my everyday laundry routine! I've actually never used BIZ laundry products before…but after giving it a try, I can see it being used on a regular basis.

 Biz contains more stain fighting ingredients and different types of stains need different ingredients to get them clean. It's typically used as a booster to regular detergent and can be added to your wash load, with detergent. It can be used as a pre-treatment for stains, or you can pre-soak your delicates with it.

biz stain & odor eliminator

 Biz Challenge.

Dingy white shirt with unknown stubborn stain, ketchup and ink stain. I've tried bleach and other stain removers on the more stubborn stain nothing has been able to remove it fully so I was hoping the Biz Stain remover would do the trick.


 dirty shirtI used it as a pre-treatment in hopes of removing the stains and as you can see – it worked!


clean shirt

Have any of you tried BIZ Stain Fighter?

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