3 Tips for Being Healthy This Spring

It has beautiful flowers, warmer weather, and gorgeous sunshine, but when it comes to staying healthy, spring is one of the most overlooked seasons. We’ve gotten through the germ-invested winter months and many people think they don’t have to worry about getting sick until next fall rolls around. But spring can bring as much sickness as the next season, so it’s time to get healthy to get the most out of your spring. Here are 3 simple tips to stay springtime healthy.

spring health tips

  1. Drink Water. Temperatures haven’t reached summer-level highs yet, but that doesn’t mean you should skimp on water. As you get more active during the springtime, water becomes even more important. The average adult should aim to drink 64 ounces of water a day, or eight 8-ounce glasses. Water is the forgotten nutrient and can work wonders in preventing sickness and leading to a fit and healthy life. Replace a sugary drink for you and your kids every day with a glass of water to see big differences.

  2. Eat Fresh. Spring brings abundant gardens and means that more fresh and local crops are available. Move away from the heavy winter foods and towards light, fresh foods. A variety of fruits and vegetables can boost your immune system and provide natural antioxidants to fight against germs and diseases.

  3. Exercise. No more excuses—now that the snow is melting, get outside and get moving. Start training for a summer race, explore a new hiking trail, or just play catch. Even simple outdoor movements can give you energy to fight allergies and sickness and provide you with a natural boost of vitamins, like vitamin C.

For more quick tips on how to stay healthy, as well as other health resources, be sure to check out Molina Healthcare and their vast online healthy library. Don’t let springtime catch you sick in bed. Taking little steps to improve your overall health can increase energy and help you avoid all those nasty germs. It doesn’t take much to stay healthy!

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