Staying Connected with Scratch Wireless

Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Scratch Wireless. I received a product sample to facilitate my review.

Like a lot of parents, I was nervous to give my son his first cell phone. I didn’t want him to get hooked on it, but I knew he needed it to keep in touch with me and with his friends. By I’ll be honest, I mainly just didn’t want him to rack up a major cell phone bill. We’ve been trying Scratch Wireless for the last month and I’m happy to report that our cell phone bill is actually lower than it was before, even with my son on board.

The beauty of Scratch Wireless is that it offers free voice, data, and texting services when you’re connected to Wi-Fi. For my husband, son, and I, we’re connected just about everywhere we go. At work, school, or home, we are always connected to the Internet, so we can take advantage of the free Scratch features. Even when we’re not connected to Wi-Fi, Scratch offers free texting and voice or data packages for $15 each a month or $1.99 each a day. It is so much cheaper than a traditional cell phone plan and gives us the freedom to do whatever ever we need, wherever we need!

scratch phone 2

As for the cell phone itself, my son has been using the Motorola Photon Q Android device and he loves just about everything about it. His favorite feature is the slide out keyboard for quick, convenient texting. My favorite feature is the large screen so he can see everything clearly without straining his eyes (what a typical mom response!). He has had so much fun playing games, downloading music, and texting his friends. I love having a reliable phone and plan so I can always get a hold of him.

scratch wireless

Scratch Wireless and the Motorola Photon Q phone eased my fears about getting my son a smart phone. We’re more connected than we have ever been, and my wallet feels great thanks to Scratch Wireless’s great deals. We’ll definitely keep this around for a while!

Be sure to visit Scratch Wireless online and their Facebook page to enter their Fan of the Month contest.

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