Perk Vent Wraps Review

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My husband puts t lot of time into keeping our vehicles clean whereas I just hop in and drive.  But sometimes I get overcome by some of the smells that I encounter.  I don't particularly like using air fresheners but sometimes there is no way around it.  With two boys, a dog and the smell of fast food among other things you sometimes reach for any thing that will help cover up the smells.

Just recently, I was introduced to PERK vent Wraps, a vent air freshener, that is a new way to freshen your car.  There are a lot of car products out there that mask the smell but don't eliminate it. That's until now. From my experience, the PERK Vent Wrap does a pretty good job getting rid of those odors.  The scents are pleasant and not overwhelming. 

Benefits of PERK Vent Wrap:

• NEW vent air freshener that is discreet when placed on the vent

• NEW StediScent® technology delivers fragrance that is just right!

• Individually wrapped packs hold in the fragrance until you are ready to release it

• Easy to use – nothing to pull, click or put together – just slide it onto the vent blade and go!

• Unique design
o Doesn’t block air flow
o Allows vent to function as intended (vent can be adjusted with product on it unlike other vent air fresheners)

• No liquid to leak or spill

• 4 pack = 60 days of fragrance (around 2 full weeks of fragrance per Vent Wrap)

There are 5 scents currently available.

Golden Vanilla

Absolute Zero

Clean Laundry

Lush Valley,

and of course New Car

Where to purchase:

Advance Auto Parts, Walmart, Target, and other retailers that sell automotive air fresheners

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I am very please with the PERK vent wraps.  They were very easy to install taking less than 2 minutes to install. Since I am very sensitive to smells, I was concerned that I would be overwhelmed.  Initially, there was an intense smell but it quickly evened out to really pleasant level.

These actually do work and I  give these a thumbs ups for sure.  Looking forward to continuing to use them. Would you like to try them for yourself?  

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  1. I know I could definitely use a new smell in my car! Like this unique new invention!

  2. natalie yeoman says:

    my brother borrows the car and brings it back smelling like smoke really bad its nasty

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