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I always dreaded getting shots when I was younger because of my fear of needles. The anticipation, the pain, and the aftermath were almost too much to handle, and it seemed like only a strong dose of ice cream could calm me down. I remember sitting in numerous doctors’ offices as a child (and even some as an adult), nearly crying in fear and clinging to my mom for comfort. Now that I have kids of my own, I can hardly watch when they get shots, knowing the pain they are going through. Needle phobia is a real fear, and it stops thousands of people from donating blood and getting vaccines and other medicines. But imagine if there was a way to get shots without having to experience pain or fear. Almost sounds too good to be true, right?


Created by a pediatrician and pain researcher, Buzzy is a new way to beat the pain and (dare I say it?) actually make getting a shot a pleasant experience. Buzzy’s goal is to take a bite out of needle phobia! It uses numbing and vibration to eliminate sharp stinging from shots and medicines. It’s reusable and works on kids and adults so no one has to experience needle phobia. Plus, it comes in a cute bee design that kids will be excited to use.


Buzzy is the next big thing to hit your doctors’ office. But before Buzzy sweeps the nation, it’s taking a stop in the Shark Tank. The creator of the product will be pitching his business to investors on ABC’s Shark Tank this Friday, February 28 at 9pm CST. Don’t miss the chance to hear about this great invention and get out there without needle phobia.

Soon squirming in the doctors’ office as the needle approaches will be a thing of the past as we tell needle phobia to “buzz” off!

Learn more about Buzzy on ABC’s Shark Tank on February 28th (9PM CST). Plus during the episode you can participate in a twitter party (#SharkBuzz) with a chance to win a Kindle or Buzzy products.


  1. Dee, you have the best link icons EVER!! Thank you for the write up, and for bringing attention to issues of needle pain. My son had a horrible experience with a “needle wielding fiend” when he was four. After that, he became afraid of any medical care. It was a huge deal for him, but Buzzy (and 12 years later) he no longer fears going to the doctor, or needles. Now we use Buzzy around the house mostly for splinters and mosquito bites! For readers who need help coping with pain, there are a crazy number of useful links on our webpage children/pain-management. Scroll about halfway down for “7 secrets for shots” pdf. Shark TAnk is 9P EST – we’ll all be watching, thank you for supporting this important public health issue!

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