How the Swiffer Sweep & Trap Swept Me Away!#NewFromSwiffer

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I am NOT a fan of cleaning the floor. In fact, if I were to list down chores in order of how much I like doing them, floor cleaning would be way, way down in the bottom of the pile.

You see, we have a dog that comes in and goes out as he pleases, bringing with him dirt every time he does. But just one look at his huge puppy dog eyes and I start to forget why I mind that at all. So in short, sucker as I am, I have to get cleaning again. And I detest it.
And of course, the holiday season came and left so fast, leaving in its wake so much mess (loose Christmas tree parts, glitters, and all that), and cleaning up is one big headache.

Just imagine my delight when Swiffer Sweep & Trap entered the picture. Never in my entire life have I met a cleaning implement that I fell in love with at first use. Not only was it super easy to put together, it works super effectively too!
The Swiffer Sweep & Trap has the same convenience as the original Swiffer, but this time, it can pick up even larger particles.
P&G sent me a tester kit along with my vac; it contained two small packets with some hard-to-clean mess we usually have a tough time vacuuming or cleaning up:

1. Wood shavings. The Swiffer vac dealt with it quite easily!
2. Loose bolts and nuts. Even something as heavy as that was tidied up real quick too!
The Swiffer Sweeper & Trap is great for any kinds of dust and dirt, food crumbs, pet hair (especially great for me as our pet labradoodle often sheds), cereals, human hair (my husband says our dog takes after me, ugh), and just about any mess that sits in any hard surface at home.

I use it to sweep the floors, pet areas, stairs, under the bed, inside the cabinets, and basically just everywhere.
The Swiffer Sweep & Trap is very handy and convenient because of its swivelling neck, making it easy to reach corners. It also has a rechargeable battery which makes it cordless and ultra-convenient. Imagine no wires to get in the way! How cool is that?
Wanna see how awesome it works? Check out my video below.



Where to Buy

The new Swiffer Sweep & Trap will be available in Wal-mart January 13, 2014. So, are you excited to check it out yet? You should be! Leave comments below on how it would be a big help to you!



  1. Hi Dee!

    Nice list, although I think it’s missing a few great models that should be on there. Spending a bit of extra cash on a good robot vacuum is definitely worth it. Robot vacuums are great on hardwood floors, and many of the people I’ve recommended this to have come back to tell me how much they enjoy it, and how much easier its made their cleaning day. If anyone reading this has hardwood or low pile carpeting, I highly recommend picking one up (if it’s within your budget of course).

    Nice post! Dee

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