Why I Love My Vera Bradley Holiday Bag (No BS!)

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Vera Bradley. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’ve got a little something to tell you.

It’s almost my birthday! YAY! And I’m really quite excited about this not only because my hubby is taking me somewhere special for the weekend, but also because of my new super adorable Vera Bradley bag. You see, I recently got this new Vera Bradley Miller Bag in Canterberry Magenta, and I’ve been looking for the perfect time to use it… and what perfect time to break out its roomy awesomeness than on my birthday weekend?

Let me share with you what I love about my Vera Bradley bag.

  1. The colourful design!

Why use a boring black suitcase when you can always choose a delightfully patterned one? For me, black and boring = meh. Lovely colors = whoop of joy!

  1. It’s HUGE!

You won’t be able to guess just by looking at it, but it’s reeeally BIG. I couldn’t believe it can hold as much clothes and shoes and toiletries I stuffed in there. Un-freakin-believable. It’s like a medium-sized travel suitcase – only way cuter!

  1. Its high quality.

I’m a sucker for quality especially when it comes to bags. My biggest fear (and recurring nightmare) would be using a poorly-constructed bag which bursts at the seams in front of a crowd, spilling all my personal effects for the world to see. *shudder* So the first thing I watch out for is the quality.

 Here’s a little checklist I run in my mind:

  • Will it hold all my tons of stuff?

  • Is it carefully constructed to withstand unintentional klutziness?

  • Is it kid-proof?

  • Is there no chance that it would burst at the seams and make my nightmares come true?

And guess what, the Vera Bradley bag passes all four with flying colors! Its durable quilted design is reinforced by a sturdy base for a heavy-duty yet ultra-comfy handling.

  1. It’s made with all my OC-ness in mind.

The bag’s roomy interior can accommodate my cosmetics and toiletries cases, plus it has six interior pockets to organize my stuff in! How cool is that? It means I have room for my flat iron, curling iron, high heels, flats, a pretty dress for the evening, and a couple of other outfits.

  1. It goes great with my weekend holiday wear.

The bag totally goes well with a lot of outfit pairings, but for my special weekend, I’m planning to use it with my casual travel ensemble. Here are some looks I plan to try with the bag.

  • Laidback black and white creates a subdued backdrop for the patterned bag.
  • Gray, black and fuchsia, all worn with a bag that pulls the look together.

Aside from the totally awesome bag, here are other things that I love from Vera Bradley. You can also check these items out in my Colorful Holiday Pinterest Board!


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