Top 6 Things to Do In Puerto Rico

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The New Year is fast approaching, and if you’re the kind who plans their trips early, here is a location you should definitely consider: Puerto Rico.

With its intoxicating mix of the old and the new, its unique and lively culture shaped by Spanish, African, and Indian influences, the tropical atmosphere injected with a good dose of luxury – Puerto Rico could be the site of the dream vacation you’ve always wanted to take.

Puerto Rico is an All-Star island; a 5-star destination filled with world-class attractions. No matter what kind of traveller you are: foodie, beach bum, sports buff, culture aficionado, partyphile, or the outdoor adventure type, it’s got everything you wish for and more.

The Tourism Board of Puerto Rico recently partnered with travel review giant Trip Advisor to turn actual traveler 5-star reviews into artsy short films being narrated by Puerto Rican stars. These reviews will make you want to See Puerto Rico and Live your own 5-star vacation story in Puerto Rico.

Interested yet?

Here are some of the most awesome things you could do in this vacation paradise.

  1. Visit the amazing Puerto Rican beaches. Puerto Rico has 270 miles of coastline and has been featured in Travel Channel’s Top 10 beaches. This includes Flamenco Beach in Culebra which is often cited as one of the best beaches in the world.

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  1. Glow like an angel in the waters of the Bioluminescent bays.

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You may think that this is a clip from a magical Disney movie, but it’s not. This amazing sight is triggered by dinoflagellates, causing the water to glow an emerald hue when physically disturbed.

  1. Go on an adventure and visit the only rainforest under US national park service, El Yunque. See yourself climbing to the clouds.

  1. Feel like you’ve stepped out of a time machine when you visit the walled city of Old San Juan, the former crown jewel of the Spanish Empire in the Americas. Be dazzled by its old world charm and soak up in its culture. 

  1. Go exploring the magnificent Camuy Caverns that run through the 3rd largest subterranean river in the world.

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  1. Experience the gastronomic delights of Puerto Rico. Understand the Puerto Rican culture thoroughly with its delightful and heavenly culinary masterpieces. One bite will be etched in your thoughts forever. Seriously.

For more fantastic ideas on what to do in Puerto Rico as well as more compelling reasons why you should go visit, check But you know what the best thing is about choosing Puerto Rico as your next travel destination? The unbelievable convenience! You can just hop on a plane and go, no need for passports or foreign money at all.

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    I’m from Texas originally and I’ve been living here for near 30 years and I read your site and I think I could not have said it better myself ok and all that you mentioned is true and more if you have the luxury of living here .

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