Super Mario 3D World™: Three-Dimensional Fun

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One of my favorite childhood activities was playing Super Mario video games. I always thought it was so much fun to navigate the cute little characters, race against the others, collect points, and win! My brothers, sisters, friends, and even parents would join in on the fun.

Mario Logo

The favorite four are back, in the first multiplayer Mario™ platform set in a 3D world. Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad each have special talents just waiting to be discovered and mastered. You can even play off-TV with the Wii U™ GamePad, where you can touch the screen to freeze enemies and reveal hidden objects. When you feel like taking a break from all the competition, you can share exciting tales from your journey online in the Miiverse™. Collectible stamps make your posts even more exciting!

My favorite character is Toad. I just think he’s such a cute little guy, with his toadstool hat. He may look innocent enough, but he can actually be fiercely competitive, and has some really tricky moves. Which character is your favorite? Which one do you think will be the most popular and have the most amazing skills?

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