Show Off Your Story with Voyzee

Instagram, Vine, and Snapchat pictures are fleeting. What do you do with the memories you want to keep and show off for more than just seven seconds? I took a spin with Voyzee, a new app that lets you make a perfect slideshow of your favorite pictures and video.

Voyzee is all about sharing the entire story, not just one quick picture. Upload or take (up to 30) pictures or video clips with the app, then add filters, music, and narration to tell your story. You can then post your Voyzee video masterpiece to your social networks or share it with your friends through email or text.

I dug up pictures that had been on my phone for a while to create a video story of my wedding day. While other slideshow creators take a lot of time in order to get it exactly how you want, Voyzee is easy. I just clicked on the pictures from my camera roll that I wanted to include, and dragged them into the order I wanted.

I added a filter to a few of of the pictures (there are a ton of options to choose from), and cropped a few more pictures down to size. I then added a favorite love song and a quick narration intro, and ta-da, I was done. I surprised my husband with the video story and he loved it—it was great to look at the memories in a fun creative way that captured our day more than just a single picture would. Not to mention, the end result looks professional like I spent a lot of time and skills on it.


I didn’t add video clips to this Voyzee, but I definitely will in the future. There are cool video features like being able to remove the sound from the clip so just your background music comes through and adding transitions between slides. You can also add captions and narration to each clip. I like that the narration goes with each picture so you don’t have to worry about matching things up with the image and you can easily correct just one piece if you make a mistake.

Voyzee is so easy to use, and the best part—it’s entirely free! I’m already planning other things I can make a Voyzee for—vacations, birthdays, parties, etc. The possibilities are endless! Check out Voyzee on Facebook and Twitter for news and updates, and download the app (did I mention it’s free?) on iTunes or Googe Play. Here is a little taste of what the app can do:


  1. Brandy says:

    This is really neat. I haven’t heard of it before, now going to check it out!

  2. I’ve never heard of this, but I love how easy it looks!

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