Design a Custom Holiday Card with LEGO

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What do LEGOS and holiday greeting cards have in common? Well, now you can combine both to share the joy of the season in a holiday card, LEGO style! At, you can create your very own, customizedLEGO Minifigure Family. You can then place your family in a scene of your choosing, and voila! You’ve just designed a super cute holiday card to share.

I thought it was so much fun to create my own LEGO Minifigure Family. You can add all of your family members, including pets! There is a whole host of customizing options, where you can choose skin tone, facial expressions, hair, hats, and even different outfits, which range from classic to crazy! Next, you’re able to choose from a whole myriad of different scene options. I chose a cozy log cabin scene for my family. Once you’re happy with everything, you can download or share your holiday card with friends and family. At this step, you might even discover that a random yeti has invaded your picture! It didn’t happened to me in this card, but another one my son created it happened to appear. He felt pretty special when he discovered it. Apparently, not everyone gets the option of having a yeti in their family scene.

I really enjoyed designing my LEGO Minifigure Family holiday card. The interface was really easy to use, and I loved all of the fun customizing options. It was also really easy to save and share the finished card. I can’t wait to see what my family and friends think of myLEGO Minifigure Family! Head on over to, and have fun designing your own holiday LEGO Minifigure Family! How will you make your family look?

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  1. This is such a cute idea. My boys will love helping me with it. Lego fiends they are!

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