Celebrate the Holidays with Soundfreaq Sound Spot! #SoundSpot #MC # Sponsored

 Aaahh, the holidays are here once again! Doesn’t time just fly so fast? Before we know it, it’s time to deck our homes with holiday cheer, and to bust out all the wonderful trinkets and Christmas-y colors, along with the food, wine, laughter, and music.

 The holiday season is our most favorite time of the year at home. Not only do my family and friends troop to our place to celebrate with us, they also love to compliment me about our very merry way to celebrate Christmas! Whenever I’m asked how I do it, I tell them it’s all very simple. I focus on three things: food, décor, and ambiance! Just those three and I’m set to throw a bunch of memorable holiday parties.

 This year, it is even more exciting for me and my family because I recently got my new Soundfreaq Sound Spot. What is Soundfreaq Sound Spot, you ask? It’s a Bluetooth speaker that unites high quality sound with sleek design and convenient portability. It is compatible with any Bluetooth device, making it possible for the whole family (and visitors!) to listen to our fave holiday tunes with clear and gorgeous sound.

 Here are the other awesome reasons why it’s got me so terribly excited.

  •  The new Soundfreaq Sound Spot is a beautiful addition to the home and comes in a variety of colors and designs.

Every color for every home!


  • Its modern and chic design blends well with my Christmas decorations. For this year, I chose to swathe our home in shades of gold and white, and the sleek Sound Spot design and colors just blend seamlessly with the design.

It’s a gold and white Christmas for us this year!

  • It’s cute and small and can fit anywhere! Because of its size, we can also carry it with us from room to room, making sure each moment is filled with the right background music.

  • There is no need to attach my iPod or smartphone because the wireless speakers allow us to keep our device with us at all times.

  • It has a built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, which allows for up to seven hours of AC-free listening.

  • Sound Spot includes a USB power port which means you can charge your phone, even while Sound Spot is running on battery power.

  • It sounds absolutely crisp and clear and amazing! It is carefully crafted by people who know what they’re doing. In fact, Soundfreaq has won several awards such as “Gear of the Year” from WIRED Magazine in 2011, “Best in Show” from iLounge at CES 2012 and 2013, a Gizmodo Best Award in 2012, and “Mashable Choice” in 2013.

  • Being music lovers ourselves, we have used several Bluetooth speakers in our home before. Though the sound quality of those speakers is passable enough, the problem lies with the style. Bulky, sporty-looking designs stick out like a sore thumb in our home, unlike Soundfreaq Sound Spot which looks as if it’s been made exactly to suit our home’s color scheme. Now, what other Bluetooth speakers could say that too?

  • Not only does it look and sound great at home, it is also a perfect holiday gift! I could think of several other family and friends who would be delighted to receive one this Christmas.

  • Best of all, it costs less than $70! I couldn’t believe the price myself. For something so stylish and great-sounding, it’s quite a steal!

How about you? Which Soundfreaq Sound Spot color matches your Holiday decorations? Don’t forget to comment below!

Check this link for more details, and don’t forget to post in social media sites about your very own Soundfreaq Sound Spot. Use the hashtag #SoundSpot.

Happy Holidays! Cheers!



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