Just Dance Kids 2014: Dancing Through the Bleak Winter Months

The start of winter is just around the corner, and for me that means snow days, hot chocolate, and trying to keep my kids entertained. When the weather gets cold it becomes more of a challenge to keep my boys active and healthy. In fact, it seems like a constant battle to find fun indoor activities they both like to do. Through trial and error, we’ve found a few things that work for our family, like making obstacle courses through the basement, filming family movies, and our new favorite—Just Dance Kids® 2014.

just dance kids 2014

Instead of just plopping my kids in front of the TV, Just Dance Kids is a sneaky way for them to get exercise without even realizing it. My boys were a little timid at the beginning, but now that they have seen how fun it is, they jump right in and dance along with the kids on the screen. There are more than 30 dances to choose from today’s most popular songs—my ten year old loves to dance to I like to move it and and footloose!

And, as a family collectively, one of our favorites is the Duets where two people are dancing at the once. We found those to be real fun. Just Dance Kids® 2014 is a great way to get “exercise in disguise” for the whole family, and really does get all of us moving and grooving to our favorite tunes.

It is easy to connect to our Wii™and the fun graphics and bright colors make it easy for even an “old lady” like me to see and play along. It is simple enough for my kids to navigate on their own and is kid-friendly so I know they won’t end up somewhere they shouldn’t be when I’m not around.

My favorite part of Just Dance Kids is that it is simply so much fun. It’s something that my boys enjoy doing together that doesn’t involve wrestling, so I automatically count is as a win in my book. The whole family can do it together and have a great time laughing, dancing, and getting some sneaky exercise in. Before they know it, my boys have gotten in their activity for the day, even if the weather is too cold outside.

I’ve also found myself having fun trying(emphasis on trying) to dance and compete, which proved to very entertaining for all of us.  This just proves that you don’t even have to be the one dancing to have fun – if your family is anything like mine, anybody watching is sure to be thoroughly entertained!  Just see for yourself!

Just Dance Kids is a great family gift and one of the best selling dance video games—why not bring it to family get togethers or parties with friends this holiday season? I’ve already bought it for my nieces and nephews for Christmas and can’t wait to watch them try it out. Soon they will be dancing around and staying active through the winter and all year long.

Available for the XBox, Wii, Playstation, and the new Wii U, you can find Just Dance 4 at Amazon
or ToysRUs.com


  1. Angela says:

    These Just Dance games are so fun! I think they are a great way to exercise, especially when it’s too cold to go out and be active.

  2. Julie says:

    I love all the Just Dance games! If the Kids moves are any easier than the regular ones, maybe I can actually keep up! :)

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