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Growing up, the Christmas holiday was always spent at my grandmothers. Holiday or not, a trip to grandmas was always a treat and you could always count on some type of sweet treat while there. Once we gave her some hugs and kisses, we would head straight to the look for those little bowls filled with candy. My favorite candy in the bunch or should I say chocolate was hands down those miniature Hershey’s KISSES! It was the perfect sized candy for a little treat and not enough to ruin our appetites for dinner.

Now that I’m an adult, I still love HERSHEY’S KISSES® and they are my favorites especially during the holidays. They are perfect when I need just a little chocolate fix, and my kids love to eat them too. I love the fact that even though they’ve come up with new flavors, the originals are the same ones I remember as a kid.

 I have lots of great memories with Hershey’s Kisses and whenever I buy them now, it makes me smile knowing some of the memories we’ve had with them. Now that the holidays are here, another reason I can smile is knowing about the HERSHEY’S® Holiday Savings I can get at CVS.

hershey's holiday candies

 With all the baking, candy giving and candy giving that will be going on during this time, a little savings is always something to smile about. Right now at CVS you can save $2.50 on two 8 oz bags of HERSHEY’S® holiday candy! I think this is a great deal and the perfect time to stock up.

 Hershey’s holiday candies are not only great treats to enjoy yourself, but they are also great to have on hand for unexpected guests. They also make great stocking stuffers, holiday decor and even gifts.

  What are some ways you are planning on having a HERSHEY’S® Happy Holiday?

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  1. I, too, am a fan of Hershey’s kisses now. I really like the simple, but rich flavor… and the portion-controlled serving size.

    Chocolate, CVS and a coupon.. those are some of my favorite things.

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