Celebrating the Holidays with Freixenet Sparkling Wines

The holiday season is fast approaching, bringing with it a throng of different parties for you to host and attend. From reunions with your family, relatives, friends, colleagues, high school and college friends – it’s the season of endless partying! And do you know what should always be present in all these soirees? Sparkling wine, of course!

Enter Freixenet Sparkling Wines. Freixenet (pronounced “fresh-eh-net”), best known for its “black bottle bubbly” Cordon Negro, could well be on your way to becoming your new best friend this holiday season. After trying out its two variants – the Cordon Negro Brut and the new Cordon Negro Sweet Cuvée – I don’t think I’m popping up any other kind of sparkling wines! For its excellent, consistent quality and the special care that goes with each bottle, you wouldn’t believe its price. Your pockets will appreciate you more!

Here is a list of everything you need to know about entertaining with the Black Bottle Bubbly. This includes trivia about the wine (for a sparkly conversation between you and your guests), and tips for throwing a sparkling party.

The Cordon Negro Sweet Cuvée

A little wine trivia…

    • Freixenet is a family-owned company with roots stretching back to 1861 when two wine-making families formed the foundation of what is known today as the world leader in méthode champenoise sparkling wines.
    • The Cordon Negro Brut is Freixenet’s most popular cava and is currently the #1 imported sparkling wine in the world. It pairs well with any food, and is ideal for every occasion. It is crisp, clean, well balanced, and medium bodied with a palate of apple, pear, and citrus flavors. It has a moderately long finish and a crisp touch of ginger that soothes and teases your tongue.
    • The Cordon Negro Sweet Cuvée is the newest product the company released in 20 years! It is fruity on the palate with a taste of the ripest summer peaches and topical fruits. Its sweet silky finish is perfect for desserts, fruits, seafoods, and other unconventional food pairings. It is sweet, but still very dry when compared to other dessert wines.
  • Both the Cordon Negro Brut and the Cordon Sweet Cuvee are a blend of three traditional but little known Spanish varietals:
  • Macabeo which produces a fairly light but fruity, aromatic wine of medium-high acidity,
  • Xarel-lo which yields a robust, high-acid wine that contributes power and depth to the mix, and
  • Parellada, the star of all cava blends.

The different holiday parties


Who to invite: your different sets of girl friends, female family and relatives.

What to expect: a gabfest!

What to serve: different kinds of egg dishes, special pancakes such as this delicious nectarine pancake recipe with bacon and fresh blueberries, quiches, scones, classic French toast, muffins, biscuit sandwiches, breakfast burritos, fresh fruits platter, Spanish Tortilla, roasted hash browns, baked goodies, and breakfast meats.

Bonus points for the host if you serve Cordon Negro Sweet Cuvée which is considered to be the“best brunch wine out there”. Its sweeter blend is perfect for all kinds of brunch foods and is friendly on sensitive morning palettes.


Who to invite: your different circle of friends, office mates

What to expect: loads ofcatching up, socializing and lots of mingling

What to serve: different cheeses, crackers, tapas, grapes and berries, canapes, gougeres, and different kinds of finger foods and hors d’oeuvres.

Bonus points: Pop open a bottle of Cordon Negro Brut which goes with any types of food. This extremely versatile Black Bottle Bubbly goes great with meats, vegetables, and even spicy cuisine.


Who to invite: Your closest family and friends

What to expect: a lovely night with the people nearest and dearest to you

What to serve: The classics are always great for cementing family traditions. Think: Christmas turkey, glazed ham, special roast beef tenderloin, Christmas cookies, roasted lamb, dinner rolls, bacon potatoes au gratin, and so much more.

Bonus points: Serve Cordon Negro Brut for the dinner and Cordon Negro Sweet Cuvée to go with dessert.

For more ideas on how to entertain for the holidays, visit http://www.freixenetusa.comand get loads of tips for holiday dinners, cocktails, and New Year’s Eve parties.

But wait… there’s more!

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Make the holiday season merrier with Freixenet Sparkling wines! And who knows, you just might win a Mini Cooper too!

Who says the holidays are the only time for bubbles? Make it your resolution to sparkle 365 days of the year with Freixenet cavas. Our sparkling wines come in a variety of different styles to suit any moment or mood. Cordon Negro Brut, our classic Black Bottle Bubbly, is great as an aperitif before a night out on the town or at home with takeout pizza. Our brand new Cordon Negro Sweet Cuvee is the perfect match for brunch favorites like pancakes and eggs benedict. Visit FreixenetUSA.com for more information about where to buy Freixenet sparkling wines and learn how you could win a 2-year lease on a new 2013 MINI Cooper.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Freixenet. The opinions and text are all mine.