Yummy 5-minute Sandwich Ideas

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Delicious sandwiches in 5 minutes? Why not? If you have Kraft® Singles and OSCAR MAYER® Premium Deli Meat stacked in your pantry, sandwich-making can be quite a cinch!

Whether you’re a mom who wants to pack yummy yet nutritious meals for your kids’ lunch at school, or a sassy career girl looking to fix a quick lunch for work, sandwiches are definitely a busy woman’s BFF. So grab a bunch of Kraft® Singles and OSCAR MAYER® Premium Deli Meat from Sam’s Club, and give yourself and your family a tasty little treat!

Here are some fantastic sandwich ideas for you to try. Trust us, these are sure to become a hit with your family.

1.  Monte Cristo Sandwich

Filled with ham, turkey, and cheese and then done french toast-style.Decadent and oh-so-delicious! Who could ever say no?

All you need are the following:

OSCAR MAYER® Ham & Turkey

Kraft® Singles

bread slices





1/3 cup of milk

a pinch of salt

0 – 2 minutes: Assemble the sandwich. Using three slices of bread for each sandwich, spread butter on each side of the bread. Arrange the OSCAR MAYER® ham and turkey slices, add a drizzle of mayo and mustard (only if you like), and then top with Kraft® Singles. Press the sandwich lightly and cut into halves, securing each half with a toothpick to keep it in place.

2 – 3 minutes:Prepare the egg mixture. Beat the eggs and add milk and salt.

3 – 4 minutes: Dip the sandwiches into the egg mixture and ready the skillet by heating it with butter or margarine.

4 – 5 minutes:Fry the sandwiches. Brown both sides.

And with that, your Monte Cristo sandwiches are ready to serve!

1.  Chipotle Turkey Club Sandwich

Want to add a little bit of zing to the tired turkey sandwich? Here’s a must-try! A little word of caution: your hubby or boyfriend might get addicted to it!


OSCAR MAYER® Shaved Smoked Turkey Breast

Kraft® Singles

a pinch of chipotle chile powder

multigrain bread

cooked bacon

¼ cup sprouts

0 – 2 minutes:Prepare the mayo and chili mixture. Simply combine the two ingredients in a small bowl.

2 – 4 minutes:Assemble the sandwich. Start by spreading the mayo and chili mixture into the bread followed by the rest of the ingredients. Arrange the OSCAR MAYER® Shaved Smoked Turkey Breast, Kraft® Singles, cooked bacon and sprouts.

4 – 5 minutes:You still have a minute to spare! You can sit there and stare at your glorious creation (or take a photo for Instagram), or you can simply wolf it down and go crazy. It’s totally up to you.

For more delightful sandwich ideas, don’t forget to visitsandwich solutions by Sam’s Club. It contains more yummy sandwich recipes for you to try, just like this Cheesy Hotdog Crescents recipe that your kids are sure to adore.

How about you? Do you have any creative recipes featuring Kraft® Singles and OSCAR MAYER® Premium Deli Meat that you’d like to share?


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