Sartorial Season: Summer to Fall


A new season doesn’t mean you have to buy a whole new wardrobe. Maximize your closet and minimize the strain on your wallet by easily turning summer staples into fall favorites with these easy tips.

Layer. Pair your bright summer top with a muted cardigan or blazer to take it into fall. Just because you wore a top to the beach doesn’t mean it isn’t right for autumn with a light jacket on top.

Fall isn’t the time for your summer dresses need to go into hiding. Mix them up with tights, boots and belts.

Add texture to your wardrobe. Don’t tuck away your favorite colored jeans—just add a few fall textures, such as woven tights or a cable knit sweater, to take your clothes to the next season.

Tone down the summer neon with a few key neutral pieces. Add some classic pieces in fall colors, such as deep purple, emerald green and rich crimson to your existing clothes and watch them change from poolside to perfect for a crisp autumn day.

If you do end up with the urge to go shopping, aim to find these key pieces for a deal:

Boots. If you can’t drop a lot of money on classic riding boots, check end of season sales and save them for next year. A good pair of boots will always be in style and can add a fall flair to any outfit.

Tights. A cheap way to add style to any outfit. If you’re feeling bold, try them in bright fall colors.

Cardigans. A lady can never have too many cardigans. The great news is there is a ton of variety, so stock up in any color, pattern and texture to last you towards the cold winter months.

Dark denim. Invest in a good pair of dark wash jeans and anything you wear will be ready for fall. Spend a little or a lot, but this will make a big difference in your wardrobe.

With just a few quick changes, you’ll be strutting your stuff as the leaves begin to fall?


  1. Rosie says:

    Thanks for the great tips. I am not the best with fashion. I will have to look around and see if I can get great deals on some new pieces for my fall wardrobe. :)

  2. This is so true – one doesn’t have to buy a new wardrobe to dress for fall! I love transitioning summer dresses to fall by pairing them with moto jackets or cardigans and tights. :)

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