Does your dog have a favorite? Nom-Nom-Nominate Your Favorit Beggin’ Strips® Flavors

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My dog, Spinna, pesters me endlessly for a treat when thinks he’s been a good boy.  I like to reward him for his good behavior and he doesn’t let me forget it.  First thing in the morning, he’s following me around whimpering until I give him one. Then, about a 1/2 hour later, he’s nosing the bag and staring longingly at me. Somehow he knows that I will eventually give in and reward him for being so darn cute.

On those days I’m out grocery shopping, I always find myself on the dog treat aisle.  Beggin’ Strips® are his absolute favorite and judging by his reaction, he lets me know they tastes amazing and the smells just have him doing the happy dance. Every time I open a bag, here he comes running. I love giving him treats and he loves receiving them even more.

Spinna knows what he likes and he has certain favorites. Beggin‘ Strips® understands dogs have their pick too.  Right now you can head over to Nom-Nom-Nominate your dog’s favorite s Beggin‘ Strips® flavor from Purina®. We nominated the Bacon flavor, Beggin’ collisions Bacon and cheeseburger flavor, and the Beggin‘ Strips® Bacon and cheese flavors.  Pretty much anything with bacon in it will be a winner with Spinna.

Do you know which are your dog’s favorite? If so, go to the Nom-Nom-Nominate page to cast your vote.  Word is, the top three varieties may be featured in a combo pack available at Sam’s Club in March 2014.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if all three favorites of your dog gets featured in the combo pack?  I would love to hear your choices, so be sure to let us know what flavors did you choose!

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