10 Ways with Pumpkins: Food Ideas, Halloween Décor & Everything in Between

Hey you little pumpkin, it’s pumpkin season once again and you’re likely to be seeing orange wherever you look! Why not grab this chance to have some fun and get into the fall and Halloween spirit with this lovable little orange treat?

 Here are some delightfully brilliant ways to use pumpkins in everything. Trust us, your family and friends will toast your ingenuity (*wink*)!

  1. Mini pumpkin candle holders

photo source

These adorable mini candle holders are soo simple to make! You’ll only need mini pumpkins, a knife, candles, and you’re all set! Trace an outline on your pumpkin and start scooping out the insides. Insert the candle and voila! Instant magic! You can use these to decorate your dinner table, or to scatter around the house for that cozy fall accent. You can make these for Halloween or Thanksgiving.


  1. Pumpkin Place Cards

pumpkin place holder

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Planning to throw a fall feast anytime soon?  Use miniature pumpkins as place cards!  You can write the guests’ names on a tag and tie in the stems, or you can just whip out a black marker and writer their names directly on the mini pumpkin.   To add more autumn flair, you can use leaves as tags too! 

  1. Oh-so-awesome Flower Vase photo source

    Hollow out a medium-sized pumpkin, insert a glass vase inside, then arrange some of your favorite fall flowers in it. You can experiment with your floral arrangement too! Use twigs, branches, berries, colorful leaves, and of course, pretty flowers, and go crazy-artsy with the design!

  1. Pumpkin Tureen

pumpkin tureen

photo source

Serve your soups in style by placing it inside a hollowed-out pumpkin tureen! Perfect for any dinner parties, or as a quirky surprise in any regular family dinner.

  1. (Not your average) Pumpkin Soup

pumpkin soup

photo source

So, could this be the lucky soup that gets served up in your pumpkin tureen? Why not? It’s a healthy and hearty soup that is perfect for the season. Think: organic chicken, roasted poblano peppers, and the creamy pumpkin texture spiked with cumin and cinnamon. Yum! Check out Shape.com for the recipe.

  1. Gorgeous Centerpieces

Cutesy mums in mini pumpkins

white pumpkins and vines make an uber elegant table design! (photo source)

Take your pick from these  gorgeous centerpiece ideas. Whether you’re throwing an outdoor or indoor party, or simply want to inject a load of pizzazz into your boring old dinner table, here are some fabulous ideas for you to try.

  1. Designer Pumpkins

(photo source)

Move over scary jack-o-lanterns! Who says pumpkins can’t be chic? Show off your classy side with elegant designer pumpkins!

  1. Stuffed Pumpkin Recipe

photo source

How can you resist a pumpkin recipe when it is called “Pumpkin Stuffed with Everything Good”? Well, we can’t! Especially when by “everything good” it means: cheeses, bacon, heavy cream, bread, and yummy spices! Check out the complete recipe at Epicurious.com.

  1. Minions!!!

minion pumpkins

photo source

Make the kids (yours and your neighbors’) jump with glee with awesomely genius Minion Pumpkins! Grab a few oblong-shaped pumpkins and a few paints, and be ready to rock your front lawn Gru-style!

  1. Beer Holders

Instead of making your husband/boyfriend sick with pumpkins-everything in your house, why not take him along for the ride? Hollow out some pumpkins and stick inside his favorite beers! Now, how can he say no to that? To take it to the next level, you can add a few pumpkin beers in the mix too! Now that’s seriously some pumpkin spirit in there!

So there you go with ten awesome pumpkin ideas. Be sure to comment on which ones are your faves! :)


  1. A great way to get back into pumpkin season! Thanks for all the ideas!

  2. That “not your average pumpkin soup” looks amazing!

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  5. Angela says:

    I am just loving those mini pumpkin candle holders!

  6. robyn says:

    The pumpkin vase is such a great idea for a fall centerpiece. My MIL would love it!

  7. using the pumpkin as a centre point at the dining table is a great idea!

  8. White pumpkins are so stunning. Hrmm. . your post gives me an idea! Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. I love the pumpkin vase and the pumpkin soup! I love all of it. So creative !

  10. Anne says:

    Love the pumpkin beer holder, too cute!

  11. Brilliant ideas! I like the use of pumpkins for creative decorating!

  12. Kait says:

    Cute ideas!! I LOVe those white pumpkins!!

  13. Rachel says:

    The place cards are adorable. But the Minions. Too cute!

  14. Amazing ideas here, and I especially love the mums and the white pumpkins!

  15. Kira says:

    I like the stuffed pumpkin recipe the most.

  16. What a great list. I love that you included recipes and decor.

    I like the idea that you can get fresh pumpkin pie pumpkins to use for pie-making, and then use them for some of the decorations (or serving dishes) above.

    I also really love the minions.

  17. LyndaS says:

    Those are some really cute and creative ideas.

  18. These are really awesome! I love the white pumpkin centerpiece. I am hosting Thanksgiving this year and I’m definitely dressing up my table like that!

  19. Those are all beautiful ideas!

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    So many great ways to use pumpkins. The minions pumpkin is so cute!

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