10 Easy Ways to Stay Fresh Everyday

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Staying fresh all day can prove to be quite a feat for women everywhere. If you’re a full-time mom, a typical day begins bright and early so you can get the kids ready for school. For career girls, it means rolling off of bed when the alarm goes off and getting ready for work. The rest of the day then goes by in a blur of activities, deadlines, presentations, kids’ ballet classes and soccer practice, meetings, tasks, and more tasks.

So how can you stay fresh all day everyday despite the grueling day-to-day stuff? Here, we have listed down 10 ways for you to stay fresh inside and out every single busy day.

  1. Kick things off with a good personal routine. Start your day with a refreshing shower followed by good old deodorant and anti-perspirant. This 5 – 10 minutes of personal time can easily translate to an improved mood and high spirits for the rest of your day!
  2.  Use blotting paper to keep shine at bay. Instead of frequent makeup touch-ups which can look overly done and unnatural, a quick dab of blotting paper is just what you need to keep looking fresh and radiant throughout the day.
  3. A quick swipe of lipstick can bring instant color to your face and chase the blahs away. So never forget to bring your favorite shade of lippie wherever your day takes you.
  4. Never ever discount what a bottle of water can do, so always carry one wherever you go. Aside from drinking lots and lots of water to keep your body hydrated and your skin glowing, a quick spritz of water on your face might be just what you need to instantly feel refreshed.
  5. Tuck your favorite hairbrush inside your bag. If your hair is feeling a bit meh to match your mood, just run your hairbrush through your hair and see instant results. Need a quick midday makeover? Simply change your hair part!
  6. Drink herbal tea for a quick pick-me-up or to calm your frazzled nerves. Stash different flavors in your desk or grab one in your kitchen whenever you can. Herbal teas are loaded with all sorts of goodness. Chamomile tea is calming, rooiboos teas has great antioxidant properties, lemon balm tea lifts your spirits, ginger tea gives you a quick energy boost, peppermint tea soothes your insides and freshens breath, rosemary tea relaxes your muscles, lavendar tea calms your mind, and green tea is an all-around wonder drink.  Some many awesome teas to choose from!  Go ahead, go crazy with your tea choice!
  7. Bring a bottle of hand sanitizer in your purse.
  8. Freshness starts from the inside so try to add more color to your diet. Leafy greens and fresh fruits are your new BFFs (if they aren’t already).
  9. Two words: wet wipes! This handy and uber convenient product is perfect for freshening up in a flash.
  10. Last but definitely not the least, don’t forget to use super comfortable panty liners such as Always Incredibly Thin Daily Liners! These awesome liners are specially designed with a breathable layer that keeps moisture away and makes you feel fresh all day long. Always tuck one in your purse for a guaranteed super fresh day!



  1. I’m actually shocked that I do all of the above – including the tea! One extra thing: when I get particularly stressed out I have a peppermint candle that I light on my desk, I even have one in a small tin for when I travel. :)
    I Love how organized you are!
    Thanks for sharing!!

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