Teen Beach Movie DVD Review

Teen Beach MovieTeen Beach Movie was one of this summer’s highly anticipated Disney Channel Original Movies. It also happens to be one of my boys favorites! Like my boys, many of you have probably already watched the movie over and over again on DVR… but owning your very own DVD copy is way awesome.

When I mentioned to the boys that they would be getting their very own DVD copy, I wasn’t sure how they would respond. I mean, I know they had been watching it on DVR, so I didn’t know if they were all watched out. But when I asked the youngest if he’d like to receive a review copy, his response was yes, yes, yes!

I had to chuckle at his initial response because there are only a few movies they have ever gotten so excited about. I have to admit, I was a bit excited also because in actuality….it WAS a pretty good movie!

About The Movie

Teen Beach Movie centers around two teen surfers, Brady and Mackenzie, who are magically transported into a 1960s beach movie where they must try to blend in until they can find their way out. They soon discover that there is an intense rivalry between the local surfers and bikers. Things don’t go according to plan when our modern-day duo accidentally change the plot of the movie, and the two lead characters fall for them instead of each other! As everyone around them starts singing and dancing, and a fight between the bikers and surfers breaks out, Brady and Mack must attempt to get out of the movie and back to present day.

 So I watched the movie with my boys and needless to say they loved it!

I have always shared with them and talked about some of my favorite musicals I watched growing up as a kid. They would give me a look like – mom that’s lame, but now they see. With music and some actors that they both know from the Disney Channel, they were drawn in from beginning to end. The best part of the movie for them was the music and dancing but they were also able to be drawn into the characters as well and they each have their favorite.

Disney's Teen Beach MovieTeen Beach Movie is definitely a cute family movie that your whole family can enjoy. The dancing and soundtrack are well done. The storyline was also a good one. The lesson I hope my kids took away from the movie is to be true to yourself no matter what and not fall into trying to fit in. Even throughout all the fun and music there was also a lesson to be learned.

Teen beach move is definitely a throw back to some of my favorite beach movies from the past and now my kids have one to call their favorite. This movie has been played so much in a short period of time, I now find myself singing along to the tunes of “Cruisin for a Bruisin” and “Surf Crazy”!

Wanna hear me sing?

I received a copy of this DVD in order to view it and share my thoughts on it. All opinions are my own.

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