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I guess I'm lucky. I don't have a huge issue trying to get my kids to drink water. They drink it and drink a pretty good share of it also, but at times have a taste for something more. One thing I try to keep them away from are sodas and juices full of sugar. They're not perfect but those types of drinks are limited as much as possible.

We've had a hot summer here so I made it a priority to keep something chilled in the refrigerated at all times to keep them hydrated. The kids are not all that picky because they pretty much drink what is available. Most of the time they just want something to drink so I try to keep a variety of beverages on hand (mostly water). Ok so let clarify, they are kids so, yes, they do like fruit juices and sodas occasionally, but am really the guilty one reaching for the soda can. I know bad habit. Well just recently, I found something that works for both me and the family- Wyler's Light!

Wyler's Light is a low calorie, sugar free drink mix that enables you and your family to have a flavored drinks without all the guilt. Yes it's true, I would most definitely like to have my family only drink water but the truth of the matter is, we sometimes want something more than just plain water. Wyler's Light gives you that option without all the calories and it is a much better choice than the high-calorie drinks such as soda or juice. This way, not only are you treating yourself to a tasty refreshing drink, it is also a way to increase the amount of water you drink each day.

At only 5 calories per serving, this is a win win! They even have on the go packets you can add to a bottle of water. Just perfect for the gym, office or an outing with the kids.

What I can also appreciate about Wyler's Light is the many different flavor varieties it comes in. With most other flavored drink mixes you are limited to 1,2 maybe 3 choices, but with Wyler's Light, you get a boat load of flavor choices.

Here are the available flavors:

•Pink Lemonade
•Raspberry Lemonade
•Strawberry Lemonade
•Cool Raspberry
•Cherry Limeade
•Fruit Punch
•Kiwi Strawberry
•Sunsplash Orange
•Iced Tea with Lemon
•Iced Tea with Peach
•Iced Tea with Raspberry
•Half Iced Tea and Half Lemonade
•And the NEW flavor: Cherry Berry!

Now through August 18th, you can join the Wyler’s Light “Just Add Water” Giveaway.

All you have to do is go to Wyler’s Light’s Facebook page, “like” their page, click the “Just Add Water” tab, and follow the prompts to enter. Easy peasy!

The Prizes:

  • There will be (2) weekly winners of (2) Wyler’s Light 8 ct Singles to Go
  • There will be (7) First Prize Winners of (1) Wyler’s Light Summer Prize Pack (which includes five (5) Wyler’s Light 8ct Singles to go! boxes, two (2) Wyler’s Light 12qt canisters, and 2 water bottles
  • Lastly, (3) Grand Prize winners of an assortment of Wyler’s Light product for one year (eight (8) Wyler’s Light 12qt canisters), twenty two (22) Wyler’s Light 8ct Singles to go! boxes and four (4) Wyler’s Light water bottles

Make sure to check out Wyler’s Light to find your favorite flavor and to keep up with all the good stuff by “like” Wyler’s Light on Facebook.

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