Find the best shoes for every occasion!


If you’re into shoes, you already know that they have become a fashion staple for every occasion. When it comes to picking out a pair, every woman wants the absolute best that fits the occasion. When shopping, it is essential to learn which shoes are best for a workout and which is a complete NO for a date-night! This is the reason, we women pour over hundreds of shoes searching for the perfect pair that assures quality, style, functionality and oh yes comfortability.

High Heels

We love Heels! and they make the ultimate fashion statement. From the season’s latest style to your favorite pair, wearing heels adds elegance, formality and femininity to any outfit. The versatility of heels is what we love the most. With the perfect pair of heels you can easily go from Day to Night to Casual with no problem.

If you’re looking for a cute and stylish pair of boots, you are in luck because they are just not for riding anymore. I’m a boot girl. I could easily own 20 pairs and wear them all. So, it surprises me when someone says they don’t own any. Paired with leggings, worn over your favorite skinny jeans, or with thick tights and a so-cute sweater dress you will definitely be making a fashion statement. I have them in a few colors, but for starters, you may want to start with black if you want to try them with different outfits at first. Consider having a dressy pair and one casual pair.

Every girl needs a good pair of stylish walking flats. Put the sneakers away and still have your feet thank you. If it’s comfort you are looking for, flats can give that to you too. Do not skimp here buying a cheap pair – you need a good, supportive shoe that will allow you to run all over town. Invest in a few pairs and make sure one is a fun color.


You’ll of course need your workout shoes as well. Shoes can transform your body language and your attitude even if they are just a pair of workout kicks. And who doesn’t want a mood boost when it is time to break a sweat? The choices in sneakers are plentiful today, so if you’re into aerobics or walking is your thing, be sure to grab the pair that is most suitable for your needs.

Invest in style and fashion.  A well-made pair of shoes can offer years of function and style. Spending a little extra to buy a pair of quality shoes that best suits your body shape, fashion sense and lifestyle is integral in developing a unique look. By knowing what styles are available and where to shop for them, you can buy fashion-forward shoes for any occasion that give you confidence and style.

Okay, now that you have your basics covered, go buy yourself that shoe you are drooling over!

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