“Dating after 35”-Facts, that every woman should know

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This past weekend, I got together with a few of my girlfriends and we began talking about how much more difficult dating can become the older you get. Some of the ladies shared very similar opinions on the topic and in so many ways believe that after a certain age, dating can become a nightmare.

So if the views of these ladies are any respresentation of ladies age 35 and beyond,  it may be true that gone are the days when you wanted “someone to hang out with” and a night at the club was considered the epitome of fun. Before the hopelessness sets in and you start to envision a life all by your lonesome, surrounded by cats, it is imperative that you re-consider your “perfect man” list.

Most women are of the opinion that all the good men are either taken or gay, but is this really true? According to statistics, if you live in a well populated area, there are 2000 men in a 20 mile radius who are over 40, college educated, don’t smoke and make an above average income looking for a partner.

Are your expectations realistic? If you’re not ready to compromise, this may be the reason why you’re still single. Are you guilty of certain behaviors that make men lose interest immediately? Learn the 3 female behaviors that make Men lose interest immediately.

The whole point of dating is to get to know someone. Be considerate of the person you are with. You would not appreciate your date going on and on about someone else, so do not think that it is appropriate for you to spend the night talking about your ex. There’s a fine line between being honest and spilling your guts. Walk carefully.

Most women go on a first date with high expectations, remember that it’s just dinner; breathe and let it flow. This is the best way to guarantee a second date. The person you are with is most probably as nervous as you are, try and keep it light and enjoy the moment.


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