Back To School Shopping Plus $0.75 Off White Facial Tissue MultiPacks

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Having two school aged kids has made me realize how true The National Retail Federation’s survey was last year when they found out parents usually spend nearly $700 on their kids back to school accessories! The number seems ridiculous in theory but in reality it is the horrifying truth. They need a new pair of everything, from head to toe, and when you are shopping for multiple kids, shopping for the bare necessities can be overwhelming.  So the slightest discount here and there can ease the pain to an extent.

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White Cloud understands the nerve-wrecking process of back-to-school shopping and therefore they want to help by offering a coupon for $0.75 off on their Facial Tissue multipacks. The offer is valid until July 28th. I use White cloud on a regular basis so I was delighted to hear about the coupon because as we know, even the smallest discount can add up to big savings. With the White Cloud multipack, you can actually get up to three or six boxes of quality tissue in one packet, at an affordable price. The discount does not compensate for quality, the tissues are impeccably soothing and soft.

Of course by buying this you are getting a great deal for yourself, but in addition you would also be benefiting the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Three CMN hospitals that sell the most boxes in the areas will receive a donation. So when you make a purchase of the limited edition White Cloud Facial Tissue multipacks, you can actually make a difference in a kids life.

Walmart carries the White Cloud brand, and it can also be found online, You can get your coupon from the site as well. White Cloud Facial Tissue can also be found at selected markets, find out if your area has White Cloud Store or not, White Cloud Store Locator.

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