3 tips to finding the perfect shoe fit

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Marilyn Monroe once said that, “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”. Every shoe lover would agree with the quote! Clearly shoes uphold the power to transform your look and give you the positive spin in your every outfit. Doesn’t matter if you are just going three blocks away to a garage sale or for grocery shopping, a glossy pair of shoes can add so much flair to the simplest outfit!

But does that always have to be heels? Let’s be real, with small kids in tow and the hundreds of household chores, wearing heels is not always practical. Luckily for us, women have an amazing variety of footwear to play with and fawn over. Don’t get me wrong, I love a cute pair of heels, but for my casual wear, give me a comfortable pair of sneakers or a jazzy pair of flats and I’m good to go.

Often times; however, when you care too much about comfort, you can end up with an ugly pair of shoes that eventually end up pushed way back in the closet and to this day you are still wondering whatever made you purchase those in the first place. Shoes are my thing and my goal is to always find shoes that are both comfortable, but make a statement.

The reality is, it’s not always easy to find that perfect pair of comfortable shoes that will best complement your wardrobe. But armed with a few secrets, you’ll be able to find them much more quickly. So here are 3 quick to show your feet you love them.

  1. Get a Good Fit – When it comes to shoes, the biggest comfort factor is getting a good fit so be sure to get your feet measured periodically. Every manufacturer, every style, every pair, every shoe, and every foot is different. The shoes you bought today might have declared you a size 6, but tomorrow’s shoes in another style by another maker might deem you to be a size 7. It’s better to be comfortable than sorry.

  2. Look for Shoes with Round Toes – Or oval toes, or even squarish toes. Shoes with pointy toes, have a tendency to force your toes into an unnatural and uncomfortable position. The little toesies should have room to move a bit, and they shouldn’t be crammed together or pushed to the side.

  3. Know Your Feet, Know Your Shoes – Do you have high arches? Wide feet? Use the shoes you already own to figure out what works for you, and pay close attention to future purchases to see why some styles work and others don’t. There’s a reason you find some brands and styles more comfortable, and it’s likely that those many of those traits can be found in other brands and styles as well.

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  1. Andrea says:

    Great tips! There is nothing worse than wearing shoes that don’t fit and make your feet hurt.

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