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Literacy is said to be the backbone of a nation and if we verily look at the statistics the saying does not ceases to be wrong. Growing up my parents always encouraged us to read on a daily basis. In fact they were strong believers that early literacy was the key to success and started to prepare us long before entering school. With that same mindset, I did the same for my kids because in addition to my love and support, I also wanted to give my kids the gift of literacy as well. They love reading and it all started from when they were babys chewing on books then onto being toddlers wanting their favorite books “The Cat in the Hat” and “No David No” read over and over.

Unfortunately not every mother can bless their child with education and there are numerous people suffer from illiteracy worldwide. Fortunately there are foundations that work 24/7 to help those under-privileged people. One of these foundations is the Dollar General Literacy Foundation.

So do your bit to help the under-privileged and support this noble cause.

The Dollar General Literacy Foundation has been doing their impeccable deeds since 1993 and to date have helped 4.7 million people to relish literacy. They have also given over $81 million to different organizations and different schools. And the best part about the foundations is that it is not limited to only one state; it can be found in 40 different states. They own over 10,000 stores all together. Certainly their achievements and the scroll of good deeds are overwhelming and renowned companies like Pepsi© and Lipton© have formed a partnership and decided to give $50,000 to the foundation.

This is definitely a noble cause and I my-self would contribute as much as I can to support them.

Lipton© has made your contribution quite easy with their coupons. With the coupons you can

actually save $1.85 on Lipton Pure Leaf products.

So do your bit to help the under-privileged and support this noble cause.

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  1. It’s wonderful way to help!

  2. What a great cause!

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