Posters can add the right Touch

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My sister and I had a conversation the other day about how our kids are outgrowing their spaces and how she wanted to update her daughter rooms. I have two boys but she always come to me for little girl ideas. When she decorated her daughters room years ago, I told her not to be surprised if she outgrows her current theme or just wants something new.

Well that day has come….

For her upcoming birthday, Nyia asked for a room a makeover. We both actually thought it was a reasonable request and only needed to figure out how to do as afforable as possible.  Nyia loves the movie “Princess and the Frog”, so transforming that fairytale theme into her room would be ideal.

We basically have everything covered. All we need are a few accessories and a change of bedding to match the new color scheme. Since she always enlist my help, I couldn’t stop thinking about what could make the whole room come together perfectly. I needed something more!

What I love about the internet is that it has great inspiration for girls room ideas. Sometimes when you’re not even looking a great idea is right in front of you. With a little creativity, you can decorate your kids room with some of their favorite posters and then search for some really affordable wholesale pictures frames to add the right touch.

Adding posters to a room is not only fun idea but affordable. The only thing left for me to do now is to the find the perfect poster! I can already imagine her reaction when she sees her newly transformed fairyland room. She already pretends to have imaginary teas so with the poster hanging on her wall, her imagination will bring on a whole new life!

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