Peet’s new Single Cups #GiveACup

Having a good cup of coffee is what starts my day and I am sure it is the same for millions of others out there. Peet’s coffee is something that is globally acclaimed and when it comes to coffee they take no shortcuts.  They started off in 1966 and since then satisfying their customers have been there number 1 priority. If you’ve tried Peet’s coffee before, I’m sure you’d agree that their coffee is magical! I use the word magical without any sense of hyperbole. Not only me but also my husband loves it. We both start off our day with a cup of Peet’s coffee.

Peet's Coffee

Image and value provided by our partner, Peet’s

 Luckily for us, Peet has not restricted himself into one single creation, he is constantly trying to better his previous invention and after 5 years of devoted hard work he came up with Single cups. Any ordinary coffee expert probably wouldn’t take this much time to launch something, but Peet’s a perfectionist, hence the long period of devotion.

Peet's Single Cups

Another amazing thing is they have started a fascinating online pool, where the customers can actually choose where Peet’s next sampling with be held. How wonderful is that! I entered and some of the topics were fascinating. The topics are fun, funky, wacky, eccentric, and downright hilarious! It is called where I found a topic on ZOMBIES! You would need to write whether you would give a cup to a zombie! Their blog is being established as ‘Give a cup’, which is such a catchy phrase and it sounds fun as well.


This is a coincident because I love zombies and for me it was quite easy to write on. I could ramble on and on  about zombies because as a child all I would do is watch zombie movies and read zombie comics. I loved it. Each week there a new topic is introduced and each one is different from the other. So go ahead and enter yourself in the challenge and have a great time creating something authentic and funky.

What Do You Give a Cup About?

Disclosure: This article is sponsored by Peet’s Coffee. This is my completely honest opinion above and may be different from yours.
{Image and value provided by our partner, Peet’s}

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