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Getting a good nights sleep is very important to me and I can be very particular when it comes to my pillow.  I need one that is soft enough to conform to my head but is not hard in the least.  I’ve searched for years for a pillow that I could actually enjoy sleeping on. Most pillows I’ve tried lose their shape, become lumpy, or feel hard after awhile.

That is so not good – especially for a girl who needs her beauty sleep!  I have tried everything from stacking bed pillows to buying pillows of all shapes and sizes. So when I heard about I was excited to be able to try out their deluxe down pillow for you all.

 DownLinens, an online outlet selling high quality down, feather and alternative bedding products offers a diverse range of products allowing customers the opportunity to go online and purchase the highest quality down bedding products at affordable prices.

When I received the Deluxe Down Pillow for review , the first thing I did when it came was run in and lay down on it. I wanted to nap so badly! LOL But I had to wait until the bedtime to really give it a work out.  Normally when I get a new pillow it usually takes a few nights before I can really tell if  it is any good, but with this one, I was able to enjoy the beauty and the comfort of this pillow right away. It cushioned my head wonderfully and there was no need for the additional pillows I normally use.  I only needed the Deluxe Down pillow to comfortably rest my head.

I must tell you – that first night was really like sleeping on a cloud.  My neck fell into the pillow with the sides softly up around the sides of my head but my head did NOT hit the bed which is EXACTLY what I have been looking for…the softness that would be like a cloud but with enough support to prevent my head from hitting the bottom of the pillow.

The Deluxe Down Pillow provided the softest feel under my head, whether I’m sleeping or propped up reading my favorite book. Unlike other pillows that seem to flatten a little more each day, I don’t think I will have that problem. These Pillows are built to retain the fullness you get in a brand new pillow for many years.

Ahh… the joy of sinking into a fresh, fluffy down pillow, and snuggling into a lush cloud of softness.

Features of  the Deluxe Down Pillow

  • The Size: Standard, Queen, King
  • The Colors:White
  • The Fabrics:100% Cotton Cover
  • The Thread Count: 330 TC
  • The Fill: 550 Fill Power White Goose Down
  • The Construction: Easily Removable Zipper Cover
  • The Allergens:Hypo-Allergenic
  • The Guarantee:30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Until this date, I’ve never tried any products from DownLinens, but what I immediately admired was that the products are simple, stylish and elegant which makes them perfect for anyone redecorating their bedroom or just looking to refresh or upgrade home bedding.  Another great plus is that all the products are treated to be hypo-allergenic.

Buy It

The DownLinens Deluxe Down is available on for $89.99 and right now  you can use the discount code PILLOWS4ALL25 which will give you a  25% discount off DownLinens’ already low prices during the entire month of July.

If you would like to learn more DownLinens, you  can visit the website, follow @downlinens, and find DownLinens on Facebook.


  1. Rachel says:

    Love down pillows. I will have to check these out.

    • Dee says:

      Rachel, This is my first time trying down pillows and I LOVE them!

  2. You know I’m dying to lay my head on a pillow now!!!

    • Dee says:

      Liz, if mind didn’t feel so good, I would offer it up to you …but sorry my friend, you gotta get your own haha.

  3. I really need a new pillow. This looks heavenly!

    • Dee says:

      Ann they really are! My husband who complains consistently about his pillow hasn’t mumbled a word since we’ve been using these. I don’t know if it’s mind thing but I feel like I’m actually sleeping sounder also.

  4. I am very picky about my pillow too and we are long overdue for new pillows. These look wonderful, so I’m adding them to our wishlist. Thanks for sharing!

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