6 Ways To Get More Exercise Without Spending Too Much Time

These days, it’s very easy to figure out what’s good and not good for us. Take exercise for instance. I don’t think anyone will say that exercise will be bad for you. Interestingly enough, most people just don’t do it. What’s the number one excuse? I don’t have time.

Here are 6 ways to integrate more exercise into your daily routine while not spending that much time.

6 ways-to-exercise

  1. Do some running or brisk walking around the school grounds while the kids have their soccer practice. Grab this opportunity to wear your new pair of running shoes and get a whiff of fresh air from the campus. You can even get your younger kids to join you for the walk.

  1. Park your car a little further away when going for groceries. Parking your car at the other end of the parking lot and walking to the front door is a great way to sneak some extra calorie burning into your day.

  2. Skip the gym and check out those exercise DVDs. There are many available workout programs to keep you in shape at home. Find something that suits your interest and exercising will be effortless. You can even ask for your kids’ opinion on which DVD they like. Exercising together after school would surely be fun.

  1. Are your kids bored? Then go out under the sun and play. There’s so much to do out there, play tag, do the hoop, run around and go crazy. You have kids and you have an excuse to act like one sometimes.

  1. Wake up earlier than the rest of the household so you can meditate. Whether you choose Yoga, Tai Chi, or other meditation techniques, sleeping earlier at night so you can wake up a little earlier in the morning can give you the boost that you need for the entire day.

  1. Get your partner as your exercise buddy. Take turns doing crunches while watching some TV. This will also serve as a good bonding moment for both of you. In fact, you can even make a tally of who is gaining muscle faster.

If you have noticed, not much was mentioned about losing weight. Just go, let’s move! Exercise because it’s fun. Exercise because it makes you feel good. Exercise because it keeps you fit and healthy. Exercise for the sake of exercise.


  1. #5! YES! I get up earlier than my house on a daily basis and it gives me SO much more energy and a happier start to my day!

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