From Dust Magnet to Dollar Magnet


In this day and age, space management in the home has changed. Whereas before, you can just stock it all up in the attic, most people now live in urban closets where the amount per square foot is sometimes more valuable than the stuff occupying it.

It’s just that when we live in the city, you are definitely much nearer to everywhere you need to be. Work, school, entertainment, but the price we pay is huge, and the space we get is small.

You’ll realize that the yearly Spring Cleaning is not enough. You may need to add small scale season ender cleanings for the rest of the 3 seasons.

You know what I found in one box the other day? Old gadgets and the rest of their accessories. Well, they’re not really that old. These were once our treasured toys that somehow we couldn’t just let go of. Most are still working and they might have cost a fortune 2 or 5 years ago, but the fast pace of technology has allowed them to take a back seat and gather dust. We always remember the anticipation and the excitement of opening their boxes for the first time after we bought them with are hard earned money. Unfortunately, the reality is that most of them are either obsolete or we have a newer gadget that does their job better and faster.

While researching for the current value of these devices, I stumbled on this very practical website called Music Magpie that allows you to sell almost all your electronic gadgets of different generations. Put together your old CDs, DVDs, laptops, monitors, and check out how much you can sell them. It might surprise you that these actually still cost something. Collector’s item you say? Maybe an album or two is worth keeping but with the amount of space you’ll be saving and with the money you can get in return, it is worth pondering on.

Even a newer gadget can qualify under this deliberation if it is rarely used by you anymore. Yes, they will also accept it if you sell nintendo 3ds. There are just so many other devices that can now replace your preferred gaming experience or chosen mode of entertainment.

Let Music Magpie give your dwelling some breathing space and earn some cash yourself. There’s no better time than now to organize your home and recycle your old CDs, DVDs, clothes, and electronic devices in exchange for cash.

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