Fall in love again with the help of Missouri

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Every now and then we do need some space to breathe in freely and stop and smell the roses to appreciate life better. Last summer to attain that, I finally managed my hubby’s schedule to match with mine and visited one of the most beautiful place on earth (at least it was for the two of us). It was a a great time in our life and life in itself was beautiful. I want to share my reinvention of love so others may get the chance to experience it as well.

There are tons of things I cannot mention that blew me away, but a few things that lured me completely were:

  • Mark Twain’s Caves, now that was a thrilling experience.

  • The Walt Disney Hometown Museum, this was my centerpiece of attention because as a kid I loved Walt Disney and going back to my childhood gave me bliss.

  • Riverboat cruise on the Mississippi, the sight was absolutely breath taking; we connected to the mighty nature fairly well.

  • 100 wineries

  • 51 state parks, we certainly couldn’t visit all of them, but indeed we got the chance to visit some and it was wonderful

  •  Lake of the Ozarks, we had the best time here, reuniting our love for each other along the fabulous sight.

With all of the options, one most likely would get confused, relax, I’m sure seeing my 4days spectacular routine, you’d find it irresistible not to go there for a holiday,

Day1: We checked in into a hotel around the evening and decided to explore the famous ‘cave’. After dinner, since the day was tiresome, we cut the day short and went back to the room.

Day2: This was an adventurous day, we went to a park, then decided to see the wineries and had amazing lunch. Again, fetish of exploring was there so we went to have a riverboat cruise ride on the Mississippi. It was indeed a busy day.

Day3: We had breakfast in the bed, which was intriguing.  I love Walt Disney, so couldn’t resist to go to their museum. Afterwards, we went to a park, me and my hubby, we enjoy parks. That day we had dinner in the Kansas City, whose food was out of the world.

Day4: This was our last day, so we had to utilize it wisely. We went to the Float trip, which was indeed interesting. Then we walked around another beautiful park. Around the evening we decided to see the romantic lake of Ozarks, which did in fact bring our romantic side alive.

The place is amazing, and I can go hours mentioning how wonderful my trip was. We may go with your family as well, they have facilities for absolutely everyone.

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Have you ever visited Missouri before? Where would you go if you were visiting Missouri?

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  1. There are definitely some beautiful parts of Missouri. I especially like touring the wineries and The Plaza area of Kansas City.

  2. Rachel says:

    I’m from St Louis and I love Missouri. It is a great place to visit.

  3. I would love to visit the Walt Disney museum!

  4. People always mention specific tourist places when they talk about vacation – Disney and the like. What I love is discovering great vacation spots in states you wouldn’t normally consider. I had no idea Missouri had all of this great stuff.

    You had me at wineries.

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