Don’t Miss the Premiere of I’m Having Their Baby Season 2 Tonight June 12 at 10/9c!

In my recent post, I mentioned how I wanted to pull the days closer so I can give birth and see my baby. Well, that’s what it feels like as I wait for the premiere of I’m Having Their Baby tonight June 12 at 10/9c. Just to clarify, I am never excited about the pain that the biological mother and her family go through during the adoption process. However, watching the show is my own way of empathizing with these incredibly strong-hearted people. Their story teaches me so much about real personal relationships that so many of us can learn from.

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With Season 2 coming up, I sometimes wonder how Oxygen categorizes this show. It’s not the typical reality show about parenting, nor a reality show about love. Interestingly, this series shows a real parenting crisis and is definitely about real love.

In the course of the first season, I never questioned the love of the biological parents, especially the mother. She took care of the baby for 9 months very much aware that it is only up to that point that she is able to show her love physically. She knows that after those 9 months, the ultimate way that she can show her love is by actually letting someone else take care of the baby. Thereby, she has given the baby a better chance at life. The conflict in their heart that seems to reverberate to the audience even after finishing the show already proves their love. I’m Having Their Baby has become an eye opener for me and showed me that I cannot pass judgment on any of them.

So the journey continues. Across America, there are many mothers who face heart wrenching questions. With those, many obstacles, many people, and many disturbing thoughts question their decisions and intentions.

I am angry that a woman has to search for a father that has gone MIA, just so she can let him sign adoption papers.  Hasn’t he clearly shown how he is most certainly not ready to help the mother with this responsibility already?  I really wonder how the confrontation will go.  I need to tune in to the premiere tonight, June 12 10pm Eastern and 9pm Central!

Truly, these systems of implementation protect both adoptive and biological families, but it also protects the stability of the environment that is being provided to the child. Beyond that, the fact that everyone is considered in the decision also helps me appreciate the system, and respect the adoption laws for each state. They may not have the same laws per state but these all serve to support the healthy growth of the child.

In the end, it’s not about being blessed with a child, or having more access to resources, or being more aware about the consequences before the actual conception of the baby. It just shows us that we’re all real people, we all have our journeys, and we all make mistakes. What helps us survive is the hope that each day brings. Let’s keep track of their journey of hope as we watch the premiereof I’m Having Their Baby tonight, June 12 at 10/9c

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    I’m going to DVR these episodes and watch when I have time!

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