Celebrate The Good Life

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Every sunset holds the promise of a new beginning… And the sunrise brings new hope for good a life.

We have so many things to be glad about. So many life victories worth raising that cup for a well deserved toast. Do you still remember the feeling you had the first time you drove your Dad’s car? Or the first time you met the love of your life? I could go on about the many firsts that happened in our lives, and always apprehension and anxiety accompany them. These situations allow us to view life from a different perspective and appreciate the good life more.

When when were displaced several years ago after the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, it was the first time our family was in a frightening and discouraging situation. The fear of the unknown had begun to set in. Almost all of our family assets were destroyed and we literally had no place to call home for a while. We were at a loss…Until the good hands of relatives, friends, neighbors and even strangers began showering blessing after blessing on our family. These God sent angels made us see the silver lining behind the dark clouds. We realized that going through tough times like this is nearly impossible. We learned to rely on others to help see us through. Eventually, things began to turn around and life got better, but the situation we endured forged stronger ties that bonded our family even closer. When our ordeal was over, we learned to appreciate others better. We learned to value the little things that make us family.

Challenges and risks in life are like stones thrown to guide us and steer us towards the good life. It will definitely be boring if everything was marked by constancy. Making risks, facing challenges… these experiences are worth celebrating as they help us grow better every day.

Allstate Good Life motto “Good hands for the good life” gives real meaning to the phrase celebrating neighborly love. Victories, small or otherwise, should be shared others to be encouraged. If you have success stories, do not hesitate to share them. It is better to share successes than losses; it is more beneficial to know hear about the good life than the other way around.

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  1. I definitely think focusing on the good parts is what matters. The bad helps shapes our lives but the good is what helps us not only survive, but THRIVE.

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