Airwick National Parks Collection: My Sweet Scent of Indulgence

I remember those carefree years when a sudden urge to go out for walks was so easy to indulge in. All I needed were my pals across the neighborhood and we can go hours just enjoying the fields and the trees around us.

It then evolved into planned outings with College friends. The thirst for adventure pushed us from one national park to another, drinking in all nature’s goodness offered to our senses.

With all my commitments with family and work, I couldn’t do much now. After a long day at work or a long day full of errands, all I want to do is get home and plop on the sofa or our bed. Oh yes, we still have once or twice yearly outdoor family activities but it’s just not the same.

Airwick Limited Edition National Park Collection

So when Air Wick sent me samples of their National Parks Collection, I was a bit doubtful. Could it really be just like those national parks? Since I really miss the experience, I tried it right away.

It’s like realizing what you’ve been missing all along. With Air Wick, breathing in the scents around me has been so much pleasurable. I can truly say that it feels good to breathe. With the limited edition National Parks collection, Air Wick has elevated home fragrance to a whole new level. Fragrance experts have worked together to concoct all these fragrance signatures and recreate the unique scents of our highly esteemed national parks.

Though I cannot do my nature walks as much, I feel so thrilled that I can at least recreate the experience through scent. When I close my eyes and breathe in the scent, it brings back memories of adventure and exploration, memories of feeling so little in this vast world, all happening inside my living room. In a short span of time, I have indulged in my own personal “me” time.

I have my diffuser strategically by the house entrance as I cannot wait to get a whiff of it when I get home. I also have another near the hallway so that the scent is carried into our rooms. It could be simply sentimental, but there’s something about the scent of cactus blossoms carried by the warm breeze in Grand Canyon. This is my favorite scent.

The other Air Wick scented oils are:

  • Virgin Islands — find yourself in the idyllic paradise of Virgin Islands National Park and uncover the delightful notes of tropical plumeria & sweet honeysuckle.
  • Gulf Islands — bask in the fragrant scents that take you to the Gulf Islands, rich in white sand beaches and seashores that evoke sun-drenched sweet notes of a tropical paradise.
  • American Samoa — explore the lush paradise of American Samoa National Park to finally reach the sweet refreshing notes of native coconut & island palms.
  • Denali — seek renewal in the sun-drenched valleys of Denali National Park while breathing in the clean notes of pure cotton grass & fresh spring air.
  • Hawai’i — escape to a tropical island sunset in Hawai’i Kaloko – Honokohau National Historical Park and savor the unspoiled notes of exotic papaya and hibiscus flower.

What about you?  What is your favorite scent and memory?

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Air Wick. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.”


  1. Right now I’m pretty enamored with American Samoa, although I don’t really smell the coconut in there. I wish I did!

  2. Yum. I love the idea of bringing these scents into my house.

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