5 Ways to Surprise Hubby with a Date Night

Are you looking for ways to surprise hubby with a date night?  Celebrating his birthday or wanting to take charge of your anniversary plans for the year? Maybe you want to pamper your husband just because  this time around?  When you’ve been together as long as you have, it’s easy to fall into a dating rut. Fortunately for you—and for your relationship—it’s also easy to keep things interesting by planning a surprise date. Here are 5 ways you can have a surprise date night.

ways to surprise hubby with a date night

5 Ways To Surprise Hubby With A Date Night

For each tip, always make sure you have a good plan for the kids. You may have family members or friends where they can stay over for the night or have a reliable sitter who can be with them.

Get Sporty With It

Get tickets to his favorite game. Basketball, baseball, UFC, you name it. Buying him tickets to his favorite game means that you have been paying attention to his interests and you value them. Collaborate with his coworkers or boss to make sure that nothing will keep him at work.

Go Shopping

Seriously? Men don’t like shopping that much right? Well, if they’re shopping for themselves they could actually enjoy it. If he’s into fishing then bring him to a store that sells quality rods. Does he like running? Maybe he needs new running shoes. Make sure you have a budget set aside for him to indulge with.

Have a Bar Night

Tired of hearing about him going to the bar? Why don’t you go out to the bar with him this time? I bet this is something you have done before you got married anyway. Keep the conversation light and cheerful. Have fun and enjoy a drinking spree with your best partner.

Do Something Relaxing Together

Do you live by a lake or a river? Does it offer night cruises? Hop on a short cruise and simply delight in each other’s company. The rhythm of the boat on the water can have a relaxing feel. If you have a clubhouse or community pool nearby, some night swimming will be exciting. Maybe they can allow you to use the facility privately for a minimum fee. You can even get a new bathing suit for this specific evening.

Set Up a Pretend Restaurant at Home

In case you don’t have anyone to leave the kids with, let them play their heart out in the afternoon. Give them a relaxing bath and tone down for an early and relaxing supper. You can even play soothing music in the background. This will help them settle earlier and sleep more soundly. When they’re all asleep, dial for a delivery from a favorite restaurant then arrange the table nicely. You can pretend as if you are dining in a classy restaurant.

If you’re on a budget, have an especially home cooked dinner. Prepare the dessert a day before your target date night and cook dinner on the day itself. You can even get good wine for less than $15 a bottle. Relish the time you have for the entire night.

Just let your creative juices flow. Whatever you choose, make room for a little modification on any part of your plan. Sometimes, those unplanned and spontaneous moments result in something more romantic. Remember to smile and have fun.

It doesn’t have to be expensive but it will have to be creative.

Are you planning or have successfully pulled off a surprise date night, we want to hear about it!  Come on, don’t be shy, share with us your ideas in the comments section below!




  1. Great suggestions!

  2. These are some great ideas. I love the idea of shopping :)

  3. Great tips. We did a project together last night. It was great!

  4. Our anniversary is coming up soon and I’ve been trying to come up with something. Thanks for these ideas!

  5. Alexandra Williams says:

    I love the idea of setting up a fake restaurant at home! It gives the idea that you’re out on a date night, but really you’re saving money! :)

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