Vivitar iSing Karaoke Machine


Singing your heart out has a liberating feeling. That’s why I love karaoke sessions. Most of the bonding moments I have shared with family and friends are with a microphone in hand. I like how people gather together in front of the TV and take turns singing, with a bit of jesting, a bit of encouraging. It’s a staple for all occasions. Celebrating a birthday? Let’s do karaoke. Got a promotion? Let’s do karaoke. Passed a difficult exam? Let’s do karaoke. Failed an exam? Again, let’s do karaoke.

I can be a wee bit shy too. Yeah I can sing with big crowds around but as much as possible, I want to do karaoke only with family and close friends. When I was younger and we did karaoke at a friend’s house, it could be quite frustrating since the TV was almost always in the living room. It can’t be avoided that sometimes they also have other visitors. A dad’s colleague would be over discussing business deals, a brother’s basketball team would be hanging out for pizza delivery. Oh dear, how will I croon my way out of this?

When I heard of the new Vivitar iSing Karaoke Sound System from Sakar, I wanted to give it a try right away! I got really excited because it can play music from your iPod, iPhone, iPad, computer, or CD. Add the Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy 10.1 and most of the tablets and smartphones in the market to that list. That covers almost anyone’s device in my family and group of friends. The iSing Karaoke unit acts as a speaker for your songs providing you with a rich and full sound, so that your voice won’t drown your accompaniment. It also has a 360 degree swivel where you can dock your 10- or 7-inch gadget to keep them in place. The product includes one microphone although it has a dual jack input for a second one. I suggest you get the second microphone so it can allow us professional, oh I mean, amateur singers to belt out our favorite duets.

Portable indeed, we can actually bring it to out of town trips. No need for us to hang out in a resort’s karaoke corner and get giggles from people nearby. Take it along with you and never run out of songs as it recommends using the Karaoke Anywhere app. This app allows you to access a pre-existing library of up to 30,000 songs! It is pre-packaged with 50 songs to start your singing adventure with and if you prefer other songs, you may purchase 5 tracks for $9.99. An auto subscription is also available though you need to get in touch with the author in case you decide to end it. Check it out first and see whether this is something that can work for you. The Vivitar iSing Karaoke Machine also works with other free Karaoke apps so you have many options to choose from. Grab it now and start your karaoke nights.

So what is your favorite Karaoke song!


Disclosure:  I received the Vivitar iSing Karaoke Sound System from Sakar in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item and is completely honest and objective.


  1. My boys have been begging for a karaoke machine, so I may actually look into this for their upcoming birthdays!

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