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Glasses are our everyday companion- we cannot go a single hour without them. There was a time when eye glasses was simply eye glasses, it didn’t have to deliver a style statement, but things certainly changed over the years and people treat this accessory like any other adornment of their wardrobe now. It has become a flaunting gear. Luckily makes it much easier for anyone living around the globe to live in eye-catching style.

Featured Brands and their Prices has the most board collection of brands, like FRESHLOOK, Nike, DAILIES, Transitions, Proclear, biofinity, Acuvue, AirOptix etc. One would supposably be held back to purchase eye-gears from these brands as they are said to be expensive, but with you can save up to 70%. How cool is that! Certainly no show-room would be capable to offer this much savings!


The features that I absolutely love

They have a pretty authentic collection of glasses and contact lenses. What grabbed my attention was that they are well updated regarding celebrity trends and those celebrity gears are actually available here in Trends change every day, and therefore their collection renews every week.


Their eyeglasses are designed for kids, men and women so that no one feels left out. Their contact lenses are categorized in a way that you can shop by daily wear, weekly wear, and monthly wear. You can also shop by shape, like aviator, cat eye, oval etc; as well as by material like plastic, wood, metal etc; and by style like geek chic, funky etc.

Another feature that I relish about is their 366 days returns policy- personally I never found this kind of offer before. They also offer free shipping which is certainly a relief and to my utter surprise I found that the very first pair of glasses is absolutely free! In no other place I could find so many varieties, numerous brands and the convenient prices. They not only help us pick classy gear quickly, but they also help us ample freedom to return it as well. Their delivery process is quite quick and efficient unlike any other online companies. Because of their quality service and authentic product inventory, they are the only optical retailer that got 1mm fans on Facebook.

So go with and save your valuable time of toiling through shop after shop to find the unique pair.


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  1. My husband is in the market for some new glasses. He ordered his last pair online and was pleased. I will have him take a look.

  2. Looks like they have a cute selection!

  3. They have really awesome theatre contacts, too. I really want the Zombie or Twilight ones–for Halloween, of course ;)

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