Moms with Style Choose Wedge Sneakers

Mom style no longer means frumpy jeans, baggy shirts, and ugly shoes- admit it, we all choose comfort over style when we have things to get done. When it comes to comfort – for me that is a given.  I’ll choose comfort anyday over aching feet.  When I first heard about wedge sneakers I really didn’t have an opinion because I’d never seen them before.  But then, I saw new mom Beyoncé sporting a stylish pair of sneakers with just enough of a wedge that it almost looks like she’s wearing a chic heel!

When I saw the photo of her at a Knicks game wearing the shoes, I was fascinated by them! I started to look for them online and saw that many celebrities were wearing them also.  In fact, the wedge sneaker has been seen all over Hollywood and paired with every look imaginable. Beyoncé wore them with sweats and t-shirts or leggings and tunics, Katie Homes wore them with skinny jeans and a button down, and Alicia Keys was seen wearing the wedge sneakers with a baby on her hip and diaper bag in tow! You know that a mom with a toddler to carry around isn’t going to wear an uncomfortable shoe; she has more important things to worry about than feet that hurt.

I never really jump on the band wagon when I hear about celebrities sporting a certain look but I was up to see for myself when Upere sent me a pair of  Upere Wedge Sneakers Suede in Black to review.

I must admit – they truly are a very comfortable pair of shoes for running errands; you know that on that day that you decide to sacrifice style for comfort, you will inevitably run into everybody you know at the supermarket and wish you had taken the time to glam up a bit. With the wedge sneaker, you get the best of both worlds.

You can get a style that looks more like a sneaker should, or you can get a really stylish version that’s still just as comfortable. At first glance, I wasn’t sure I wanted to get a pair for myself at all –though I really liked them on other people-, but I’m so glad that I did. I get so many compliments when I’m out and about, and it’s all I can do to keep from singing their praises to every stranger than says something to me. Instead, I just say thank you and smile.

Here are some ways that some have worn the sneakers.

Trust me, you won’t regret purchasing these shoes. For some of us moms, it can be scary stepping outside of our comfort zone, but in this case, you won’t even notice the difference in comfort. You will notice, though, the increased confidence that comes with looking great!

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I really do like my pair of wedge sneakers, but what about you?  Do you have a pair?  Does wedge sneakers fit into your stye?


  1. UPERE says:

    Thank Dee for showing us some ways of wearing wedge sneakers, very stylish and hip. Also, hope you like our wedges.

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