How to Protect Your Home While You’re Away on Travel

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You and your family are planning for that well anticipated family vacation or perhaps you are planning a relaxing weekend getaway just to unwind from your hectic job.  Regardless of the reason, taking a vacation is what most people look forward to when they need a break from the rigors of life.

During breaks, families want to spend time away from their usual space to travel and spend quality time with the kids. But because you are looking forward to having fun and relaxing , you might forget just for a second what you are leaving behind at home.

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But set aside all the fun or stress for at least a minute or two, we all worry about leaving our home. Some are even too anxious to leave it. Our home has most of our valuables and assets, and even if someone is left inside the house, it doesn’t make the home more secure, it also puts risk to the people left behind. Nowadays, there are more and more accounts of burglary particularly in homes whose owners are away to travel. Burglars choose houses like this because it has a lower risk of being caught.

When you are living alone and always out for business, or someone who wants to take the family for a weekend vacation, you can focus on what you will have to do without worrying about the home when you are assured that it is safe. And a way to do that is to protect your house from inside and out. Here are a few things to consider to help keep your home safe.

Update bolts and locks

The most basic thing to do before leaving the home for a long period is to check doors, windows and any area that can be accessed by anyone. Check if there are windows that has faulty locks or can easily be opened. If you remember losing keys, change all the locks that pair with those keys. It is good to invest in dead-bolt locks, these locks aren’t like spring bolts that can be retracted by force. Dead-bolts are more secured because it can only be opened from the inside or with the right key. Before leaving the house, always check the whole house for any open windows even in the basement or the attic. For the garage, invest in a heavy duty lock so when you leave the house, you can lock it from outside.

Check door and window structure

Aside from checking out bolts and locks, it is important to look at the structure of the doors and windows. Desperate burglars, will not just try to unlock doors and open windows, if no one is aware they would rather break or remove the doors and windows entirely. If doors are creaky when turned, the hinges are giving away and it will be easier for burglars to just push or remove the hinge pins easily. Re-hinge it as soon as you’ve noticed. A door that is old and rotten can also be easily sawed or drilled it is best to replace it with a new one. For large windows, where a person can easily put his self in, invest in strong and resistant glass. You may also opt for metal panes though it is not a pretty home design.

Invest in home security gadgets

The most secured option to keep burglars away and to keep your home in the most protected way possible is to invest in home security tools and gadgets. This new technology offers an innovative way to protect your home while you are away, it will either ward the burglars of, or let you have a glimpse of what is happening even if you are away from home.

One of the most common options is a CCTV camera, where you can install in areas of the house that are with high risks such as in the front area and lobby. It won’t stop them from trying to break in but if you have a way to see the videos real time then you can warn the police of the burglary.

An alarm would be the best way to ward of burglars. An alarm monitoring system will detect through sensors any moving activity and will give out a sound that would warn the community of what is happening. These motion detectors can be in the form of a door alarm which can be place in the door mat or behind the door. There are also driveway alarms which detect moving people or vehicles in the driveway of your property, an alarm would make a halt on any interest of plundering your home.

There are also gadgets that make it look like there is someone inside the house, like a timer-set lighting system that lights up in night time or make it seems like there are shadows and television sets are on. A spotlight motion detector will light up when an activity is detected. These gadgets are really smart and would make your house a less probably option for burglars. All these could be readily available in a home security store.

Preparation is the key

You don’t really have to be stressed out on the thought of leaving your home while you are on travel. Preparing for travel must include preparation to secure your house. Houses that are usually taken for granted by its owners are the ones burglars most likely to break in. Investing in home security options is less expensive than what you would lose when you let burglars get the most of your valuables.


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