Are Your Life’s Real Costs Covered?

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A loved one getting sick drains you of your resources. It’s not just the financial aspect but the emotional roller coaster that family members go through. It’s definitely an advantage when the sick family member is covered by healthcare. However, there have been so many disappointing stories about healthcare coverage that it merits one to look closely at the premium he is paying for and what that premium covers.

During a medical emergency, you get to your hospital, talk to the doctors and work with them the best way to get better. They talk to you about diagnostic tests and procedures which your health plan covers. Sometimes, what they recommend is not necessarily what you think is the best but you eventually give in because that’s what your insurance can afford. It can be a disempowering experience when you learn that the best care that is available is not necessarily what you and your insurance coverage together can provide.

Sometimes, you’re left in the cold. If you pay for it, you can avail of it but the consequences after a certain test or procedure will not be covered because that is not what was advised by your HMO. Or maybe you realized that only your hospital stay is covered and the rest of your medications are not. Or how about the amount of time you cannot work because you’re sick. Who’s going to cover that? Another scenario is when your insurance has a ceiling for the amount you can avail of per disease. If you develop a complication from your original disease, you are only left with a few hundred dollars to cover it.

Aflac’s Real Cost Calculator

When I read about Aflac, I felt relieved. Here is a supplemental insurance company that fills the gaps. It actually covers the expenses related to medical emergencies, but not necessarily covered by traditional medical insurance.

I tried the Real Cost Calculator and realized the true impact of a medical emergency to the patient and his immediate family. I appreciate that it considers mortgage and transportation expenses.

When my grandfather fell ill, his healthcare covered his entire hospital expense. Aside from his medicines though, the doctor recommended some supplemental drinks and a strict healthy diet. I’m not complaining about the healthy diet, but those additional recommendations were not necessarily covered by any insurance. After the hospital confinement, his children and older grandchildren all took turns to bring him to the doctor for his regular check-up. Again, I’m not complaining about the time spent with him but the transportation costs definitely added up. I remember making a spreadsheet just to track the expenses. I was actually shocked to see how much it all accumulated and how much was only covered. On top of that, my mother sacrificed a freelance job which meant a decrease in income of a family member.

We can say it’s disappointing or heartbreaking, but I guess that’s what reality is. Now that we are armed with this information, we don’t have to remain scared of a medical emergency. It’s time to plan while we still can with the help of Aflac. I suggest you try the Aflac’s Real Cost Calculator and see for yourself. Learn as much as you can so you can act accordingly.


  1. Anne says:

    I have seen this in my family, a simple injury really adds up, even with medical insurance

  2. I was hospitalized a few years ago, for a rare disease and the recovery time was extensive. My youngest was only 18 months old and it was a struggle. We made it through but it would have been much nicer if we had prepared for something like that.

  3. You can never have too much insurance or additional coverage when it comes to medical costs. Everything adds up soooo quickly.

  4. We have a great plan now and I can only hope that it would provide what we need in an emergency.

  5. Insurance is one of those things that is always nice to have and you don’t realize how important it is until you need it.

  6. I’m not a fan of health insurance. Ours comes from a great insurance brand, but it doesn’t cover nearly enough. Our doctors are always shocked when I tell them this or that isn’t covered. I’ve really had to push to not have things done to save a fortune on useless tests. Aflec does offer some great services.

  7. When my stepsons were younger we always wished we had Aflac.

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