Viviscal under the Magnifying-Glass!

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What does your hair mean for you? For me, as most people think, the hair is a crowning glory. Healthy, thick and smooth hair boosts confidence and enhances our youthfulness as well as our beauty. We give so much importance to our hair. So what is more dreadful than the sudden loss of this crown? Hair loss is the thinning of the scalp. There are several factors that cause it such as stress, poor diet or hormonal changes – the most evident is that it comes gradually with age for both men and women. But even so, we cannot just accept that fact. According to research, 25% of the population experience actual thinning of hair, and it has a psychological effect – such as insecurity and loss of self-esteem. This is a problem that needs a solution, and a popular hair care treatment that’s used by celebrities and hair professionals is just the perfect one.

Celebrities approves it

The Viviscal Hair Growth Program is very popular with Hollywood stars. Reese Witherspoon shares in an interview with her hair-must have; she uses Viviscal Vitamin supplements to keep her hair healthy. Also Finola Hughes, Caroline Trentini, Rebecca George, Martino Cartiner and Oscar Blandi have nothing but praises for this wonder hair treatment. In an interview with Kelly and Michael, Cynthia Nixon of Sex and the City talks about Viviscal.

Fast and effective results, 100% drug free

According to a study, Viviscal is so effective that it reduces hair shedding over a 10 week period. Over 75% of Viviscal users see results in less than 6 months. So why are Viviscal Hair Growth products so popular and effective? It is scientifically formulated with hair nourishing nutrients such as Biotin and Zinc which maintains hair health and promotes normal hair growth. Moreover, it is the only hair supplement that contains the marine complex protein AminoMarTM. This protein is derived from fish proteins that are used to stimulate existing hair growth. It is guaranteed that Viviscal uses organic and 100% drug-free ingredients.

Viviscal offerings

Viviscal offers a wide range of hair care and hair growth products that you can choose from. There are dietary supplements for nourishing hair growth within, shampoo and conditioners to promote smooth hair and health growth. Hair Filler Fibers are also available that give you the look of thicker hair instantly.

The secret of beautiful hair is finally revealed. Many have used it and had achieved considerable hair growth and revival. We love to style and keep our mane strong and healthy, but coupled with stress, unhealthy diet, and hormonal changes and aging, it may be a difficult thing to do. Good thing there’s Viviscal to nourish and care for our hair, and to promote hair growth. Viviscal products cater to needs of men and women or in any particular hair type. Take a look in their website to see which of their products suits you.

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  1. Sarah says:

    I had long hair but the shedding drove me so crazy that I chopped it all off! I need to check this out. Thanks!

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