Blue Kangaroo: Your Personal Deal Finder

The first time I heard of Blue Kangaroo I was thinking, “Oh dear, it must be another one of those deal sites again. I think I’ve had enough.” Anyhow, the deal hunter in me convinced me to just try it out. What’s another marketing email to find good deals?

Upon signing in, I realized that it was going to be a different experience altogether. The site encouraged me to explore their boards. I find it so neat and organized because these boards categorize the various deals and brands into different groups of interests. I immediately followed Handbags & Wallets and Dresses, Skirts Suits but before getting carried away, I also chose Educational Toys for my little ones. I opened my own personal feed and voila! I see deals that I really like.

I’m excited to see my own personal feed.

I like how it allows me to select my boards of interest. Honestly, I find it time consuming to go through each of my deal mails just to weed out 80% of them. For a mom like me who checks emails in between the sautéing and the dryer, that is a necessary time saver. Can you imagine spending that much time through all those marketing emails just to realize that we are interested only in 20% of them? And yes, the deal diva in me just can’t make me stop filtering them because a good deal might just slip through.

That’s why I love Blue Kangaroo.

Blue Kangaroo also knows that I can’t always check all my boards for the deals I want so it sends me a daily email that gives me about 3 deals from my boards that are currently taking place. How amazing can that be? Another thing I like about this is that it lets me see new kinds of products in my boards that otherwise I wouldn’t look for because I simply didn’t know about it.

You can also pick out the brands that you like so that they can follow it for you. Any deals under that brand will appear in your feed. No need to constantly search about your favorite brands every week. After all, it lets you know just in time when a new offer comes in.

Have I mentioned that Blue Kangaroo can also unclutter my personal email? Since it gives me my own address, I can give this email to all my deal websites and Blue Kangaroo will filter all those deal mails according to my interests. I can also give them access to my email inbox and it will scan the rest of the marketing emails left for the best deals. How cool is that? It’s almost like hiring a personal shopping assistant.

Here is my first email from Blue Kangaroo.

Once you’ve chosen your own boards of interest, you can also make your own board and share them with pals in Blue Kangaroo. Talk about deal shopping and social media all in one!

Here’s something I put together and it was really fun.

Maybe you have an inner fashion sense that is just quite shy to come out? Why not create a board for your favorite clothing apparel and skin care routine? The possibilities are endless. It may even open up an entrepreneurial opportunity for you. Blue Kangaroo may just be your new online shopping pal.


  1. Rachel says:

    Sounds like a great site. Thanks!

  2. This could be dangerous for a shop-a-holic like me.

  3. Sounds like a great site!

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