Rewrapping the Holidays

Don’t you just love the holidays? Whether it’s Easter or Christmas, most of us enjoy decorating our homes, wearing holiday clothes and buying special gifts.

With each holiday comes its own decorations and supplies. Valentine’s Day, of course, is all about hearts, reds and pinks. For Halloween jack-o-lanterns, orange and black decorations and spectacular costumes are the thing. From Christmas to St. Patrick’s Day, Easter to 4th of July—to celebrate in style, each holiday requires its own decorations and supplies.

Some holiday decorations and supplies can be stored—if fact, you should have a sturdy plastic bin in your attic for each set of decorations. Other holiday paraphernalia tends to get thrown away and purchased again the next year.

But who’s to say you can’t get creative and reuse and up-cycle after each holiday? This is a great way to protect the environment and even save some money!

Here are some great ideas to get you started:

Valentines Day

  • Turn a heart shaped candy box into an adorable little girl’s jewelry box.
  • Transform candy boxes into the perfect bead or craft organizers.
  • Valentine’s cards that kids exchange in class are perfect for school projects like collages where students are asked to include pictures of things they like and represent them.
  • Reuse valentines decorations like pink table cloths, table toppers and even gift bags for the perfect little girl’s birthday party.


  • Paint and decorate plastic eggs to make Christmas tree decorations.
  • Up-cycle plastic Easter eggs into unique gift boxes for jewelry with decoupage and other craft supplies.
  • Reuse the green grass from Easter baskets as filler when you are mailing packages with breakable items.
  • Use the bottoms of plastic eggs to start seeds. Fill with potting soil, add seeds and prop them up in the sun in a corrugated egg carton.


  • Reuse kids costumes for Halloween at costume parties or throw a costume birthday party.
  • Create a dress-up bin for your kids with Halloween costumes—be sure to pick up more costumes from the clearance racks after Halloween too!
  • Reuse Halloween costumes during elementary school spirit week where kids have to dress up as their favorite superhero or character.
  • Use extra trick-or-treat candy in for your fall birthday party goodie-bags.


  • Cut the fronts of Christmas cards to make gift tags for next year. Paper punch holes so they can be tied to gifts with ribbon.
  • Use Christmas cards to make one of a kind jewelry gift boxes.
  • Many high quality gold, red and green items like tablecloths, napkins and candles can be reused in formal dining rooms year round.
  • Make Christmas votive lights do double-duty by using them inside jack-o-lanterns.

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