New LYSOL No-Touch Hand Soap System – Look Ma, No Hands!

LYSOL No-Touch Hand Soap System

Washing your hands? Think about the phone that you were just holding, the money you paid the delivery boy earlier, the pets you tidied up this morning, and you know that’s not even half of it. No matter how hard we try, there are just some things we cannot get around.   Yes- I’m talking about germs and bacteria and we encounter them everyday – even all over your old hand soap pump. Let LYSOL No-Touch Hand Soap System enter your home and leave the germs out.

Having kids can send you from one end of bliss to the other end of surprise. Take feeding time. It can be a ton of pleading to finish up their vegetables or to mom-sits-back mode when he’s eating his favorite pasta. It’s definitely much easier when he likes what he’s eating but it also means messy hands and even a messy face. An unavoidable washroom trip is at hand. However, he was all hyped up from being such a big boy eating on his own that he wants to do cleaning up all on his own too. He comes out of the washroom all sparkly clean but you cry out in disgust when you go inside. Can you believe how much sticky stuff there is all over the soap dispenser? Ugh… what else is that sticky, gooey stuff made of?

Thanks to Lysol, there is a cleaner and more efficient way of sanitizing those little hands. With LYSOL NO-Touch Hand Soap System, there’s no need to get their hands dirtier by exposing them to all those accumulated germs in the hand pump, whew! Moreover, it kills 99.9% bacteria because it’s Lysol which helps prevent germs from spreading because kids don’t have to push a pump, and the sensor gives just the right amount needed.

Lysol also knows that kids will always be kids. Let them have fun, explore, get their hands dirty then let your inner stage mom out. Send your messiest kid photos to Lysol’s Kid Who Touches Everything Contest. One grand prize winner will be awarded a family vacation to Disney World with his or her own photo displayed at Entries will be accepted from February 25, 2013 until May 25, 2013. There will be a weekly category winner picked randomly and featured on and Lysol’s Facebook page. These are the following categories for the photos:

  • Future Artist
  • Food Fanatic
  • Mud Madness
  • Young Explorer
  • Critter Kid

 No purchase necessary. Contest runs from 2/25/13-5/25/13. Open to US residents 18+. Void where prohibited. Click here for the official contest rules.

I participated in a campaign on behalf of MomCentral Consulting for LYSOL®. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.


  1. This is really cool. Love fighting germs!

  2. I love this option! Helps keep the germs away.

  3. I really need this for my kid bathroom–four of them share one bathroom and they always get liquid soap all over the counter.

  4. Kait says:

    I need one of these for my classroom!!

  5. I need to get this for my bathroom!

  6. Kathy says:

    We love this at our house!

  7. I could have used this today!

  8. I love this concept! I can never tell where my daughter’s hands have been so it seems like cross contamination sometimes to allow her to wash her hands by herself and touch the soap pump (and everything else in the bathroom).

  9. Rachel says:

    This would be perfect for kids. Love it!

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