Budget-Friendly Beauty Buys

Drugstore makeup has improved the quality of products over the past few years. Don’t we all remember the days of strolling around the drugstore makeup aisle with our moms to pick up some ‘play makeup’. Well times have certainly changed and budget friendly makeup products have given high-end brands a run for their money. It’s high time that makeup has become affordable. Here are our top picks for some beauty buys that’s easy on our wallets.


You can easily find a high end dupe for mascara. With so many brands out with different formulas and brushes, a wide variety of mascaras only means more confusion. Try to do your homework and read reviews online before heading out to the drugstore. The packaging might say volumizing but might end up giving you spider lashes.


Blushes have really come a long way from being sheer and chalky to being silky smooth and pigmented. The reformulation of some of our favorite blushes such as CoverGirl’s Cheekers is a great way to ease your wallet into softer shimmery shades of blush.


Matte Lipsticks

Something you may be lacking in your makeup bag. Skip out on high end matte lipsticks. Instead opt for brands such as Wet N Wild and Revlon for a bold matte lip color. Why not try out a bright fuchsia pink lip or a cherry lip?

Mini Nail Polish

A great way to try out a huge variety of nail polishes is to purchase mini sized bottles. The prices range from .50 cents to $1, can you imagine all the fun with so many colors. Try out a mini nail polish set from various brands such as OPI or Orly if you can’t splurge on a full size.



The most trickiest makeup item to purchase from the drugstore. A trick to determining a close match to your skin tone is to hold a foundation up to your jaw. Take a friend with you to help pick your closest match. Better yet, pick up a foundation that you currently use. Match the bottle closest to the selection. It’s a difficult task but with so many foundations being high-end dupe worthy, it’s worth a shot!



  1. I think foundation is the hardest to figure out too! And now that you mention it, a lot of mascaras do give spider lashes!

  2. We have lots of korean make-up at our drugstores. Nice and inexpensive.

  3. great ideas especially for nail polish.

  4. I’ve found that inexpensive mascara is the best! I’ve tried dozens of high end brands, and I prefer the cheaper varieties!

  5. Mascara I think wakes your face up the most. I think everyone looks a little more alert and lively when their lashes are done up.

  6. I honestly haven’t had much luck with drugstore foundation or mascara. So I have to end up buying the pricier stuff. :(

  7. I really need to update my cosmetics and throw away some.

  8. Mini bottles of nail polish are so nice–I never seem to be able to use up the big ones!

  9. Anne says:

    I like to get lots of nail polish colors in mini bottles!

  10. Great tips. My favorite drugstore Matte Lipstick is from elf. It lasts a long time and doesn’t dry out.

  11. I buy eyebrow pencil at the drug store as well as some nail polishes.

  12. Rachel says:

    I still have yet to find a mascara I love. Spider lashes no matter what.

  13. Sarah says:

    I have a hard time with mascara too. Some make my eyes puff up…that’s no good!

  14. Great buys!

  15. Kait says:

    I’m a huge fan of some Wet N’ Wild products — cheap and quality, especially the pencil eyeliner and nail polish!

  16. Thanks for the tips. I buy a lot of make-up at the drugstore.

  17. I buy my mascara at the drugstore- and when I had a professional make up artist come do my makeup for the trial for my wedding, she had the same kind in her kit! I mentioned that it’s what I use & she said she prefers it to any high end brand.

  18. Kathy says:

    I would never use drugstore foundation, but every thing else I would!

  19. I’ve never bough high-end anything as far as make up. I have always done just fine with CoverGirl, Revlon, etc :)

  20. Katie says:

    I buy the mini-bottles of nail polish when I know I won’t use the color that often.

  21. This is very helpful as I spend way too much on makeup.

  22. I love these tips!

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