Top Reading Glasses for Moms

Remember when you were younger and the very thought of having to wear eyeglasses to school was enough to make you feign illness for weeks at a time? The thought process was that if you wore glasses, you were some sort of nerd or geek-girl whose life revolved around your glasses. Those were the days.

Let’s fast forward to the present. Glasses are no longer seen as the single item that can put an end to your social life. In fact, they are now quite the opposite. Have you noticed how many commercials there are featuring people wearing stylish frames? You can hardly pick up a magazine or turn on a television without seeing someone famous sporting a fashionable pair of glasses.

Today eyeglasses have become a fashion accessory. Do you know that many people are not wearing glasses to correct their vision? A lot of the people that you see with glasses are wearing them because glasses have gone from being nerdy and geeky to classy and sometimes even sexy.


The trick is finding the right frames to match your face shape and complexion. I have recently ventured into the world of readers, and I have to admit that I am hooked. I’ve had work eyeglasses to correct my astigmatism for years and was at first skeptical about whether or not a pair of reading glasses that I could purchase without a prescription would work. Well, they absolutely work. They actually help me to see smaller print better than my prescription eyewear.

There are many eyeglass frame styles to choose from. The Cat-eye frames, which have been seen on Rihanna and Katy Perry.

Other popular frames include the classic, but always relevant, aviators, the rounded style worn by Rashida Jones, and the seemingly always popular oversized.

A very fashionable line that has received positive
reviews at is Clic Reading Glasses.

Now, some of you may be thinking that reading glasses can make a woman look old. Not true. What CAN make a woman look old (and confused) is squinting to read text or see objects. This will cause expression wrinkles. Wrinkles can make a person look older, not glasses. The way to tell if you need readers is if you find yourself constantly having to adjust the position of a book or your E-reader device in attempt to combat blurriness and constantly squinting to bring words and objects into focus. Typically, eyesight changes can start happening around age 35 to 40, so if you are experiencing some mild vision changes, more than likely you need a pair of readers.

Clic has a few different styles of what I consider the absolute perfect reader for a busy mom on the go. The design is absolute genius. The way that the glasses function is that they fit around your head and clasp or “click” at the nose. This design makes it virtually impossible to break.

They are also very easy to keep up with in that when you find that you do not need to have them on your face, you simply “unclick” the center and leave them around neck. It really is a very classy and sexy look. The frame design is universal and will flatter most face shapes. They are also adjustable so that you can customize the fit. These glasses are definitely worth considering.

While necessary for improving your vision, glasses can also make a wonderful fashion accessory for when you want to change up your look without breaking the bank.

Leslie Crawford is a work from home mom of two, living in the suburbs of Philadelphia.  She tries staying up with the latest fashion trends for women, which proves to difficult when chasing around a 3 and 5 year old.  She enjoys sharing the secretes she has found to parenting and being a fashionable mom with other moms.


  1. I’m not into this sytle. I just can’t rock it like other women can!

  2. I love glasses! I’ve been wearing them for years and I really need a new pair. I want pointy, cat eye glasses with gems in the pointy part! Meow!

  3. JulieD says:

    Love all of these glasses!!

  4. I really like the glasses that Rashida Jones is wearing.

  5. I like the frames Rashida Jones has on too! She’s so beautiful so she could pull anything off!

  6. I never thought to try readers in addition to my regular prescription–interesting!

  7. I don’t wear glasses but I like the ones Katy Perry is wearing!

  8. Kathy says:

    This reminds me that I need to get to the eye doctor and get my prescription updated!

  9. Rachel says:

    I adore cat eyed glasses. They are my favorite.

  10. Glasses can be fashionable, but I still hate mine. It has nothing to do with looking old though (I’ve needed them since 6th grade) I find they give me a headache. My husband had to get glasses a few years ago, but he’s always “forgetting” to wear them.

  11. Katie says:

    they’re cute but totally not a good fit for me!

  12. I definitely need to get some new glasses!

  13. glasses are definitely “cool” now a days. I have contacts but choose to wear my glasses most of the time.

  14. Kait says:

    these frames are super cute!!

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